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Perak : Ipoh-Teluk Intan-Kampar Bike Packing 2014

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Perak : Ipoh-Teluk Intan-Kampar Bike Packing 2014
Ipoh to Teluk Intan to Kampar- Saturday & Sunday, 26th-28th September 2014:
Kuala Lumpur>ETS Train>Ipoh>Teluk Intan>Kampar>ETS Train>Kuala Lumpur.
A ride with younger bikers made this 3-day tour a spirited one for the AhPek. Starting with a train ride from KL and an overnight stay in Ipoh with a good sampling of the city's food! We kicked of the ride to Teluk Intan with gung-ho, but the long route coupled with bad weather did wear us down physically but not our spirits.
After a night's stay in Teluk Intan, some thumbed a lift back to KL whilst others rode to Kampar and took the train back. Wanna see a younger AhPek..... read on!


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