Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Welcome to AhPek Biker, below are my blogs, click on any one to proceed reading. Hope you will like them.

Why AhPek Biker?
Realization of a name, should I call myself this?
AhPek Biker - Reflections
AhPek's thoughts & consideration on biking - the effects & results since taking up cycling.
AhPek Biker Going Places
Photos of me & my bikes at landmarks & notable places.
Buying My Bikes & Accessories
My forays into buying bicycles and their accessories.



Day 2 - Of Temples & Parks 8th November 2013
Senso-ji Temple, Ueno Park & Yanesan (old Tokyo) - coming soon.

Day 3 - To Tsukiji Fish Market & Odaiba Coast 9th November 2013
A hopeful early morning trip to the Tsukiji Fish Market to see the tuna
auction and then a longer trip town to Odaiba, a coastal part of Tokyo.

DAY 4 - Of Palaces & Street Markets
Riding fun at the Imperial Palace & later a visit to Ameyoko street market.

Day 6 - From Tokyo To Hakone
Bike-packing again, this time by train, bus & a bit of cycling up to Hakone to stay for a night.

Day 7 - Around Hakone
Woke up to a glorious sight of Mount Fuji followed by a cruise
around Lake Ashi, cable-car rides, and then a bit of cycling.






You are at - Jotaro's Blog / AhPek Biker
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  1. Hi Jotaro, I'm looking for my first foldie and found your blog today. It has helped me cut down a lot of work on finding the right bike. Thanks! How much did the Dahon Dash P18 cost? I'm thinking of getting that too, if they still have it. I would also like to join a biking community in the Klang Valley. What are your recommendations? Btw, nice story (the not serious version) about how you got your 2nd foldie! Also may i have your email address so i can contact you? Thanks much! E

    1. Hi E,
      I am glad that my stories have been helpful to you.
      The Dahon Dash will be listed at around +/-RM2500 and from there you negotiate down. If they have it, it should be the 2012 model. Contact Johnny of My Bicycle shop, he should be able to advise you and his pricing is reasonable.

      You can contact me through the AhPek Biker FaceBook page.

      Do feel free to contact me, get your first bike and join us for our rides.

  2. Halo Ah Pek, Phang here - This is a nice blog u have here and is very interesting with all put up and stories behind all ride that such a great effort for all this.... GOOD JOB bro, and keep working with it as is going to be memories when come to certain time... i personaly feel it so much.

    1. Thanks Phang,
      That's the general idea. To write down our stories for future memories.
      But it's not where we ride that makes cycling interesting, the the people we ride with that makes a story worth telling - the fun we have together, the crazy things we do. I try to look & notice at the people angle while riding.
      Cheers Bro.