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Best Cycling Trails In Kuala Lumpur

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Best Cycling Trails In Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is a vibrant cosmopolitan city with a fusion of cultures that has made it a Truly Asia Country. For cyclists looking for interesting routes to ride on in the city, below are some good ones. Some are easy,  others tougher and a couple are out of the norm, unique trails.

There are a couple of cycling lanes, the first one starts from Dataran Merdeka and goes along the Klang River up till Mid-Valley City. Certain stretches along the river are nicely shaded and a pleasure to ride on. Do note that there's a stretch that runs below the Jalan Damansara over-pass that's a bit dodgy (GPS: 3.13545, 101.69425) with vagrants hanging around; often cyclists by-pass that section by making a short detour into Brickfields.
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The second stretch starts near Dataran Merdeka and loops to the KLGolden Triangle up-market commercial district. This one comes with  blue painted lanes which runs along sections shared with pedestrians and other sections with motorized traffic. 
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This is not a permanent trail per se; but for those who wants to do some light cycling, the inner core roads of Kuala Lumpur are closed off to motorized traffic on the first and third Sundays of each month. It's an easy, short loop and often people do a few loops. People come not just to exercise but also treat it as a family day out to mingle and socialize with the crowd and perhaps make a few new friends.
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One of the oldest parks in the country, the Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, a ninety-two hectares enclave in the city, offers a green area to ride in with bonuses of of a couple of small lakes, nearby butterfly and deer parks.
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Two other nice lake areas to ride around are the Tasik Titiwangsa. and the Kepong Metropolitan Park.


On the outskirts of the city, Kiara Hills (Bukit Kiara) is located in a forest reserve and as such the route is free from motorized traffic. This is a tough on as it goes on a climb up hill, starting from Changkat Abang Haii Openg, pass a first guard house and then continues on a steeper climb to reach a second guard house at the top, located at a cross intersection. For those who want to go the extra distance, from this intersection are two loops that goes round the upper portion of Kiara Hills.
An interesting extension after finishing this route is to go through Kampung Sungai Pencala and do a loop at Desa Park City. The roads at the kampong are quieter, shady and it's feels much cooler once one enter the village.
(... see route map) (... see blog)

This is another ride that goes through a Malay kampong - Kampung Kemensah where there is a nice waterfall for a cool dip during a hot day. Added extensions to this route will be to the Klang Gates Dam and Zoo Negara. Start points can be at Setiawangsa or Taman Melawati (a shorter route).
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A trail that goes through a small manhole at Datuk Keramat to ride along the huge monsoon drains running along the Klang River below the AKLEH Highway. Do be advised not to ride here during rainy season as these storm drains can be full of water!
Start point can be at Tasik Titiwangsa.
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This and the following are of the norm routes and are quite unique trails.

Fancy cycling through a cemetery? This trail goes through the largest and oldest cemetery of the city - the Kwong Tong Cemetery. One can even visit the grave of the co-founder of the city, Kapitan China Yap Ah Loy. But don't be frightened, ride through with friends during the day and it could be quite fun, and on top of that the route leads to the Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum on the other side of the cemetery.
(... see route map) (... see blog)

How about going beyond Kuala Lumpur, all the way down to Klang to savour its renown dish - Bak Kut Teh! Start at Dataran Merdeka, ride along the KL Cylcling path and then onto the motor-cycle lanes towards Klang. Use a folding bike, and one can take a KTM Komuter train back.
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To see other interesting rides in Kuala Lumpur, click here.
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Brompton Accessories #22 - Oxelo Easy Wheels For Brompton

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I had recently got a new Brompton P6R, a 2017 model in a beautiful, bright red (... see blog). I will probably use this bike more for local rides; for touring I will still rely on my old workhorse, Goofy - a Brompton P6R which I had copper-plated after much wear and tear from numerous local and overseas tours.
As usual, happy as I am with the bikes, my fingers were itching to add on some accessories. I had added some cosmetic changes and now it's time for something more physical - rack wheels.

The new bike rack came with better 2017 EZY Wheels, one that had a slightly higher clearance than the previous versions. It also came with rubber tyres and are fitted with sealed ball journal bearings that rolls smoother. But in my touring I often meet rougher areas (eg. paver stones) and good as the newer wheels may be, I will need something with even higher clearance and better rolling to get through these rougher patches.

Previously, I had used the ABEC-7 Easy Wheels which worked very well, but my regular supplier had stopped supplying. I was contemplating buying these on-line until I saw some friends using in-line skate wheels. But I have an aversion towards using in-line skate wheels as they are unsightly big. More importantly, they are too wide and often cause heel-strike. The wheels my friends were using were smaller in diameter and more importantly narrower in width than the usual in-line skate wheels.
These are the Oxelo LED Tech Wheels, a 63mm diameter in-line skate wheels for kids.

 These were available from the Decathlon sports outlets. Cost was RM29 per pair, for my rack I would require two pairs at RM58, a very attractive price when compared to other easy wheels in the market. And it comes with transparent tires, smooth bearing, and interesting 8 amps LED flashing lights, which appealed to the little kid still in me!

Let's see how to fix the new wheels. The above photo shows the original EZY Wheels before dismantling, they are narrower when compared to the wheels shown in the following photos.

A comparison between the ABEC-7 Easy Wheels and the Oxelo LED Tech Wheels,
the Oxelo wheels are just 1mm to 2m wider than the ABEC-7 wheels, so heel strike won't be a problem. The ABEC-7 came with the necessary screws and nuts of adequate lengths; whereas the Oxelo came with short screws and nuts suitable for the kids in-line skates. No problems there though, one can go to the nearest hardware store to get screws of the relevant diameter and the required longer length. I bought mine from YS Fasteners located at Bandar Sunway (click here for Directions), they are specialists in screws and all sorts of fasteners and as such has a very wide range.
It's better to get stainless steel screws as they won't rust.

For the front set of wheels (the one next to the seat post) I got a couple of 6mm diameter and 30mm long screws with washers (not nuts are required, although they came as a set). This fitted very well, but only about 5mm of the screw goes into the body of the bike. This performed adequately well enough when rolling, but perhaps it would be good to get screws which are about another 5mm longer so that they can withstanf more impact for rougher handling.

For the rear set, longer screws are required to fit in the elastic straps assembly; for this 6mm diameter and 50mm long screws are required. This is a tight fit, longer 55mm long screws (if they are available) will make fixing easier.
The above photo shows the Oxelo wheels on the left and the ABEC-7 wheels on the right to illustrate the larger diameter of the Oxelo wheels.

The four Oxelo wheels fitted onto the rack; although recess grooves are provide, I have put the elastic straps below the rack so that they won't scrape against the ground when going through rougher spots.

One bonus - the wheels flash when they are rolled. This is more cosmetic but does make one more noticeable when rolling at dimmer spots.

a) Oxelo Spare Children's In-line skate wheels:
    Decathlon Sri Damansara Outlet:
    M2-G-01, 8Trium, Jalan Cempaka SD12/5,, Persiaran Kenanga, Bandar Sri Damansara, 
Kuala Lumpur.
    Phone: +603-6280 6701
    (.... click here for interactive Directional Google Map)
b) Stainless steel screws:
    24, 22, Jalan PJS 11/20, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
    Phone: +603-5634 5419
    (.... click here for interactive Directional Google Map)

Wheels:                                                 RM29X2 = RM58
50mm s/s button cap screws & nuts: RM1-90X2 = RM3-80
30mm s/s button cap screws & nuts: RM1-60x2 = RM3-20
                                                                    Total = RM65   

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