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Official Brompton Malaysia Launch

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23rd March 2014
Yes! The Brompton is now sold in Malaysia. There is no need to go to London, Thailand or Singapore to get this versatile bicycle. Now, one can buy the Brompton from dealers in Malaysia at a pricing range suitable for oneself.

To commemorate this, Ngee Cycle Trading, the distributor for Brompton in Malaysia, aptly held an official launch function at London Town Cafe at Publika in Kuala Lumpur. Seeing that the Brompton is from London, it's an appropriately named place to hold the launch.

Members of the press, dealers, bloggers and some Brompton users were invited for this launch.

Bromptons of different configurations and colours were on display for eager eyes to appreciate. For the range of configuration and accessories see Brompton Custom Builder. To try out how the bike look in different colours see Brompton Colour Configuration.

And for those who wanted the hands-on feel, four trial bikes were available. A few did really ride on these bikes to get a feel of how the different handles types suit them.

After an introductory speech by representatives of the dealer, an avid Brompton user demonstrated how easily and compactly the Brompton can be folded. He also espouses how useful and convenient the bike can be used for commuting - i.e. ride, fold, get on train/bus, unfold and cycle. It can also be used as a shopping cart when partly folded with the handle unfolded.

Guests who registered were in for a further surprise! They received goodies bags with a colourful Brompton brochure, an Official Brompton T-shirt and a Brompton Car sticker. Finger food and drinks were also served.

And.... two lucky guest won prizes in their lucky draw - a mini Ortleib Bag and a Brompton Rack Sack.

The price list displayed with the bikes. Please note that this price list is for March 2014 and is subject to change. Use it as a guide and contact your nearest dealer for an accurate quote (see list of dealers below).

Go get a Brompton. It's a robust and versatile bike that folds compactly; and is suitable for both commuting and bike-touring. All in, a worthwhile investment.

UPDATE March 2014
Brompton now has an outlet in Penang, operated by PgCycleSpot located at:
7102-D-3, New World Park, Jalan Burmah, 10050 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, George Town, Malaysia.
Tel: +60-4889498     Mobile: +6012-488 9498     Email:
Brompton Penang Facebook Group:
GPS: 5.421, 100.32679

Penang and the northern states have a good market for Bromptons, and the bikes here are quickly sold.
(... see more at Penang Brompton Shop blog)

Dealers -
Central Region: 1. Pedalspot (03-7877 0450/03-0957 7707)
                       2. Vans Urban Bicycle Co. (03-7866 0311)
Northern Region : PGCycleSpot (012-4889498)
East Malaysia : W.G. Enterprise (08-2238 239)

Update December 2015. Below is a list of Brompton dealers in Malaysia as of December 2015 (Note: the list of dealers are frequently updated, please go to Pedalspot webpage or FB Page for latest:

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Selangor : A Ride Of Prayer For MH370

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Selangor : A Ride of Prayer for MH370
Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang : 23rd January 2014
Public Ride EventFrom Sepang F1 Circuit to KLIA Arrival Entrance
Cycling Distance Covered : 26 km.
Time : 7:30 pm - 10:25 am
Time Taken : approx. 2 hrs. 55 mins. (including stops for rest, regrouping and prayers)

Photo from The Malay Mail Online
Malaysian Airlines flight no. MH370 flying enroute from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing has gone missing. Malaysians and the world alike are showing their concerns and prayers for the plane and it's passengers.

Like our fellow Malaysians, we cyclists are also worried for MH370 and are hoping that all will end well. Bearing this in mind, Dave Ern had organized a ride for cyclists to express our empathy. The ride which will start at the Formula One Circuit in Sepang, will include a group prayer at the Departure Terminal of KLIA. Dave had asked for at least 239 riders to take part (in representation of the 239 passengers of the flight).

At 6:45 am on March 23rd 2014, around three hundred cyclists turned up, unloaded and prepared their bicycles. The ride will start off at 7:30 am.

A quick briefing by Dave before we start, through a megaphone he made a few pertinent points:
1. This is neither a race nor a fun ride. It is a ride that should bring our solemn thoughts to those affected by the MH370 crisis.
2. Ride leaders, marshals and sweepers will have the Jalur Gemilang tied to the bicycles and helmets for ease on identification. Participants are not to overtake the ride leaders.
3. Bibs with the words "Prayer For MH370" were handed to all to attach to their bicycles.
4. The ride will cover a total of 26 km. Riders should ride with proper decorum and the distance will give all time for reflection.

Malaysian cycling legend, veteran Shaharuddin Jaffar flagged off the ride.

It did not matter whether we are young ...

... or we are old. It did not matter whether we are rich or not, or whether we we renown or just a man in the street.

It did not matter whether we were riding with friends...

... or with family.

It did not matter whether we were using a racing bike, a folding bike, a normal bike, a mountain bike...

... or even a recumbent bicycle.

What mattered was that we rode in solidarity as Malaysians to pray for MH370.

As a mark of respect, when we approached the departure terminal of KLIA, we all came down to push our bicycles.

So as not to disrupt passengers, we did not enter the terminals proper but pushed our bikes to the extreme entrance gate at the far end.

Here, we had a minute's silence; bowing our heads we each prayed in our own way for MH370.

We hope our prayers will be answered.

MH370 in now believed to be lost in the Southern Indian Ocean where there is slim chance of any survivors. God bless their souls.

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