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Brompton Accessories #23 - Commuter Bag by M for The Brompton

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BROMPTON ACCESSORIES #23 - Commuter Bag by M for The Brompton

I like Brompton mods and when it comes to the different bags available, I am sucker for them. No I don't collect them, just like their looks and figure out how well they work practically OR if they are just cosmetic.
Oft times, I just get to look at the bags or at most just caress them (Oops.... sounds a bit fetishy, but you know what I mean!). Then along came this bag which was lent to me for a trial run. It touted as a commuter bag - a "Brompton Commuter Bag by M" And the question that begets me is, "Can it be used for more than commuting; can it be use like the way I used my Brompton C bag for touring." Okay, let's have a look & see.

Front view of the bag shows the zip compartment extent mid-way across the cover. The "M" is seen distinctively, and it is reflective. In place of the reflective edge piping, are rugged orange double-stitching.

Two large rear pockets; I like these large pockets as I put "emergency-need-to-reach-quickly" items in them like raincoats, first aid kit on one side; and GPS batteries, gloves, masks, etc. on the other.

A closer view of the zipped pocket on the cover flap. The zipper handle pull, like the rest of the zippers comes with a  bright orange-white striped knot, easy to see at night.

A peep inside. Although it does not extend all the way across; it's deep, going all the way down.

The netted pocket at one side is large too, the netting extends 3/4 down. This serves to keep the extra length of the shoulder strap. Some put small items (like sun-block lotion, etc.) in this pocket; personally I refrain from doing that just in case things drop off when pulling out the shoulder strap.

On the other side is a large pocket, very much larger than the original. One can easily put sunglasses inside and have much space left.

A look inside of the rear pockets: these comes with zipped opening extending a quarter way down on the inner side to halfway down on the outer side. This provides a large opening big enough to put a water bottle and have space left.

Now let's come to the more interesting parts, the inside.
Flipping the cover flap open revealed several pockets at the front, compared to two deep pockets of the original C-bag. Two of these are zipped; the one at the top does not zip all the way, but it's pocket goes full width. The side-zipped one goes deep too. The three central pocket are narrow, shallow ones, good for putting documents, etc. One is transparent for putting name tags.

On the inner side of the cover flap, a horizontal Velcro strip goes across the width. However, it is located above the plastic clip lock, and while riding, the wind do blow the flap up a bit. This could be avoided by having this Velcro strip below, right at the edge of the flap.

A look inside the horizontal-zipped pocket, it does go all the way across the width of the bag, can bulge out a fair bit, so should be able to hold much.

Inside the bag, I like the bright orange - small things dropped inside won't get lost. It has three sections: One wide front section; a mid zipped section, and a narrow rear section. The front section is much wider than the original C-Bag, while the rear is narrower. Actually I prefer a wider rear section, so as to be able to put more things there for better arrangement of stuff; but it's a personal preference.

A big front space and a peep inside the zip section - that's where are put important documents, like travel tickets, spare itinerary, etc.

A look at the rear section ...

... and the zipped centre section.
I love this bag; there are so many pockets and compartments, making it easy to arrange packing.

At the bottom, the frame can slip in easily with wide Velcro straps holding it in. (Note: frame is optional on purchase).

 The the bag looking very good on a M-Type Brompton. Do note that the bag's height is equivalent to the S-Bag and thus can fit all bikes, including the S handle bars.
Yes, I think it will serve well even for touring; and that's coming from a packing freak like me!

The bag on display at SPC (South Perth Cycle) bike shop in Perth! It's already in the market!
Order via WhatsApp: +61481188875.

UPDATE 17th June 2019

The zip for the front pocket now goes all the way across, also the transparent small pocket is replaced with Cordura.
Velcro is now horizontal and extends all the way down, thus eliminating flapping when riding.

The "M" logo now comes in orange. The bags on the Brompton, looks cool, yeah?
These are limited edition bags of which only 50 will be produced. Each will have a personalised number.

Specifications: Commuter Bag by M for the Brompton
Messenger-style bag with a Velcro and buckle-fastened flap; Laptop compartment.
Suitable for all handlebars.
Dimensions (approx.): 420 (w) x 300 (h) x 170 (d)
Weight (approx.): 0.80 kg (1.30 kg with frame)

Capacity: 25 litres
Colour: Black/Orange
Interior lining: Orange
Material: Durable, hard-wearing Cordura fabric;
A front carrier block is not included when ordering this item.
A frame is an optional purchase.
Retail Price:
Bag - RM500
FREE Delivery West Malaysia
(Please contact the vendor via 
WhatsApp +61481188875, for latest pricing, queries and any updated details).

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