Monday, October 1, 2012

Buying Bikes & Accessories

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My small forays into buying bikes and accessories. Click on respective titles to view.




Brompton Accessories #1 :
Modifying The Brompton Saddle Bag

Brompton Accessories #2 :
Securing The Brompton #1
Simple steps to make the Brompton safer and more secure for carrying around.

Brompton Accessories #3 :
Bagging The Brompton

Brompton Accessories #4 :
Personalizing My Brompton

Brompton Accessories #5 :
Leather Pouch
A nice, rich-looking leather pouch that fits well onto my Brompton handle bar.

Brompton Accessories #6 :
Brass Bells
A cute looking polished brass bell, and it sounds great too.

Brompton Accessories #7 :
"Akslen" Two-bulb 10-Lux Headlights
A headlight that mounts onto the Brompton handlebar post snugly.

Brompton Accessories #8 :
Securing The Brompton #2
Hassle free ways of securing the un-bagged Brompton while on trains, boats, etc.
Leave the bike secured and have a more comfortable ride.

Brompton Accessories #9 : Bagging The Brompton For Air Travel
Bagging the Brompton for air travel is distinctly different from putting it into buses or trains. It will be out of our hands for a while and will be in the hands of strangers - airport luggage handlers.

Brompton Accessories #10 :
Kamoya Jenny Suspension
A Japan made suspension to improve rideability and efficiency.

Brompton Accessories #11 :
Sausage Wrapping The Brompton
Leather straps on main posts to make the Brompton look more cool, more rugged.

Brompton Accessories #12 :
Titanium Hinge Clamps
An efficient and beautiful looking clamp.

Brompton Accessories #13 : Replacing The Nylon Hook
Some pointers and tips on replacing the Brompton's Nylon Hook with step-by-step intstructions.

Brompton Accessories #14 : Mini-O Bag Packing Light & Tight



Accessories #4 - Rear Laser Lights

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  1. so which is the bike that you 'badly' wanted??

  2. Hey, If ever you and your gang are in Bangkok riding your let me know, would love to join in. BTW I'm from Penang and SXI too, have been here in BKK for a while now. I ride a Brompton too, love it.

    1. Thanks. Bangkok sounds good. Will let the gang know about your invite.
      Great another B user. I am fairly new to the B, so learning still.
      BTW you can contact me thru my AhPek Biker Facebook page, would love to know more details of another Xaverian!

    2. Just liked your FB page :)

    3. Thx. Will have a look. Met my cycling buddies last night and have put out a bait to them on cycling in Bangkok. Hope it catches a few fishes. Let's see how it goes.

    4. Thx. Will have a look. Met my cycling buddies last night and have put out a bait to them on cycling in Bangkok. Hope it catches a few fishes. Let's see how it goes.

    5. Haha! Great!

    6. Hi, and sorry.
      But I could not find any likes from Bangkok.
      Perhaps you could leave me a message on the page, with you contact or FB name.
      Would very much appreciate that.

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  4. Just say hello from Penang...

    Great blog you and Happy surely enjoy life riding !

    Hope to ride together soon.,
    if you happen to be in Penang,
    let me know, to join riding with you.


    012 455 6944

    1. Many thanks Winson for taking the time to read my blogs.
      I must also apologise for the late reply.
      I had been away, overseas and just got back.
      I took my bike to Phnom Penh and cycled there.

      It will be great to cycle with you in Penang.
      Perhaps you could message me at the AhPek Biker FaceBook page. It will be easier to chat there.

      Cheers & Regards.

  5. Hi,

    Great blog and great list of Brompton accessories!

    Here's another interesting Brompton-specific accessory to consider:

    It attaches to the folding pedal to make it the same size as the fixed pedal and protects the frame from scratches when the pedal folds too far back.


    1. It will be great if you could leave you name. Or contact me through my AhPek Biker FB page :