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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Cycling Route Maps

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Cycling Route Maps
Below are maps of routes that my pals & me cycled in Kuala Lumpur. These were routes we cycled at Kuala Lumpur and it's outskirts, exploring and discovering views that one seldom see by car. Our rides took us to view temples, processions, etc. Heck! We even rode through cemeteries! (... to view those rides click here to see Cycling Kuala Lumpur).
Click on relevant screen zoom rectangle (at the top right hand corner of each map) to go to the respective route map:

Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Ampang Park Station to Lebuh Pasar
Distance: 10.20km Level: Very Easy.
This is the one of the routes of the Kuala Lumpur Critical Mass ride which is held every last Friday evening of the month. Riders meet at the Ampang Park LRT Sation, opposite the Ampang Park Shopping Mall at 9:00 pm.

Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Bukit Kiara to Desa Park City to Segambut & Back
Distance: 30.00km Level: Medium.
The route takes one from the Royal Selangor Club to the hills of Bukit Kiara then onwards Segambut via the pristine Kampong Sg Pencala and the township of Desa Park City. A very nice route that takes us through hills and rustic villages.

Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Dataran Merdeka to Batu Cantonment Jln Ipoh & Back
Distance: 23.91km Level: Easy.
Our aim was to ride from Dataran Merdeka to usher in the Chinese New Year of 2014 by having dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Laomazis at Jalan Ipoh. Cycling straight there would have been a cinch, but then Tailim (of the hApPy HaPpy blogs) took us on a round about way. It was a longer route that would take us on interesting paths and bridges through the Sentul and Batu Cantonment areas.

Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Dataran Merdeka KL to Klang Town & Back by train
Distance: 73.78km Level: Medium.
From Sultan Abdul Samad Bldg to Klang for Bak Kut Teh via Brickfields and the motor-cycle lanes of the Federal Highway. Back is partly by train and then cycling along the storm-water drains of the Klang River to view the street-art murals.
Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Dataran Merdeka to Petaling Jaya Thai Temple Via Kwong Tong Cemetery
Distance: 31.60km Level: Medium.
This is another "Head where the wind take us ride", i.e. just cycle along and go where we felt like it. This time we started at Dataran Merdeka and headed to the Thai Chetawan Temple in Petaling Jaya. Enroute we passed by cemeteries and visited several temples, the Old National Palace and even an air-force museum!

Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Dataran Merdeka to Taman Sri Rampai
Cycling Route - Dataran Merdeka>Lake Titiwangsa>Royal Selangor Pewter>Dataran Merdeka.
Distance: 26.35km Level: Medium.
The route starts from Dataran Merdeka heads towards Titwangsa and then onwards to Selangor Pewter at Taman Sri Rampai.

Genting Sempah & More Selangor Cycling Route Map (91.35km)
Distance: 91.35 km.     Level: Hard
The route starts off passing through the residential suburbs of Setiawangsa and Wangsa Maju; and continues rural and secondary jungle from Jalan Gombak. After the Hospital Orang Asli (HOA) the road is a continuous until Genting Sempah before sloping down to Bukit Tinggi.


Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Kuala Lumpur Inaugral Cycling Lanes - From Dataran Merdeka to Midvalley

Cycling Route: Dataran Merdeka>Brickfields>Klang Riverside>Midvalley
Distance: 4.89km      Level: Easy.
The cycling lanes starts from Dataran Merdeka runs along the Klang River for most of its length and ends near the Mid Valley Megamall. For most of its length it is a dedicated cycling lane; some sections (a major stretch in Brickfields) are shared with other traffic while some others are shared with pedestrians. At close to five kilometres it is not very long and can be completed within half an hour (one-way), but it will be good to take one's time at certain stretches to admire the beauty there.
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Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Kuala Lumpur Cycling Lanes 2 - Around the Commercial Heart of the City
The new lanes is a  loop that starts from Medan Pasar and leads to the Petronas Twin Towers via Jalan Raja Chulan and Jalan P. Ramlee. The return leg is via Jalan AmpangJalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Raja Laut.
Distance: 6.80km      Level: Easy.


Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Merdeka Stadium to Lake Gardens to KLCC Cylcing
Cycling Route: Stadium Merdeka>Lake Gardens>National Monument>KLCC>Imbi>Stadium Merdeka.
Distance: 22.33km Level: Easy.
This is a ride to celebrate Malaysia's National Independence Day and aptly we cycled around Kuala Lumpur to visit the sites that commemorate the independence day.

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Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Pudu to Ampang Old Town to Bt. 14 Ulu Langat & Back
 Cycling Route: Pudu > Ampang > Batu 14 Hulu Langat & back.
Distance: 43.60km Level: Medium
One of my earlier rides, in a way it's a ride for eats. Starting from Pudu we cycled to try the renown Ampang Yong Tow Foo then continued to Batu 14 Hulu Langat for drinks at a small coffee shop. At the end of the ride we had a good roast duck/goose lunch at Siew Ngap Fai.

Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Setapak to Titiwangsa to Ampang & Back

Distance: 32.30km Level: Medium.
In supporting the Earth Hour Organisation in protecting our planet, we rode this route organised by Share Our Roads Malaysia.
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Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Taman Tun Dr Ismail to Loke Yew Cemetery Via University Malaya & Brickfields

Cycling Route: Taman Tun Dr. Ismail>Tropicana City>Section 17 PJ>University Malaya>Thean Hou Temple>Brickfields>Kwong Tong Cemetery>Taman Dusun Bandar Bellamy>Istana Negara>Section 14 PJ & Back.
Distance: 50+km Level: Hard.
This was a ride which we rode with no clear route in mind, just a rough idea of directions and where we wanted to go, i.e. getting from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail down to Brickfields and the Istana Negara. Enroute we visited Thean Hou Temple, rode through cemeteries and "discovered" a lost park right in the centre of Kuala Lumpur.
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Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Titiwangsa to Ampang to KLCC to Chow Kit & Back

Cycling Route : Kelab Golf Titiwangsa>Walls of AKLEH>KLCC>Hokkaido>Kelab Golf Titiwangsa
Distance: 15.70km Level: Easy
It's a short ride just to warm us up for a 2015 pre-Chinese New Year reunion dinner. The route takes us from Titiwangsa to Ampang via and into the interesting storm-water drains at the Walls of AKLEH.
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Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Titiwangsa to Ampang Old Town & Back

 Distance: 21.86km Level: Easy
This is the route we took to ride from the Titiwangsa Golf Club to Ampang Old Town to view the 9-Emperor Gods procession. En route we passed by the newly built Korean Embassy to admire its architecture.
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Titiwangsa to Cheras Selangor Cycling Route Map (40.63km)

Cycling Distance - 40.63 km.     Level: Medium
The route goes along residential road, pedestrian walkways, river-side pathway and avoids main roads as much as possible.


Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Titiwangsa KL to SS2 Petaling Jaya
Cycling Route : Titiwangsa Golf Club>Jalan Ipoh>Jinjang>Kepong>Sg Pencala>Taman Tun Dr Ismail>Bandar Utama>SS2>Section 17>University Malaya>Federal Highway>Brickfields>Dataran Merdeka>Titiwangsa Golf Club
Distance: 63.00km Level: Hard.
It's a super loop that takes us from Titiwangsa to SS2 in Petaling Jaya just to eat durians and then happily cycling back. En route we passed by the residential areas of KepongJinjang, etc. This route also passes two riverside tracks at Batu River and Klang River.
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Kuala Lumpur Cycling Route Map: Wangsa Maju to Klang Gates to Kg. Kemensah & Back

Cycling Route: Carrefour Wangsa Maju>Klang Gates Dam>Zoo Negara>Kemensah.
Distance: 50.80km Level: Medium.
The route takes us from Wangsa Maju through Taman Melawati to the Klang Gates Dam. And then contiunue on towards Kampung Kemensah where thereh is a waterfall suitable to for a cooling swim.
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