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Cambodia Cycling Route Maps

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Below are maps of routes that I have cycled in Cambodia; mainly around Phnom Penh and one longer one to Oudong. Also include ones of island hopping in the Mekong River.
Click on relevant screen zoom rectangle (at the top right hand corner of each map) to go to the respective route map:

Cambodia Phnom Penh Mekong Island Cycling Route Map
Cycling Route: Sangkat Phsar Thmey>Mekong Riverside>Arey-Ksat>Koh Oknha Tei>Koh Dach>Sangkat Chrouy Changva>Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge>>Sangkat Phsar Thmey
Distance: 27.27km Level: Medium
The route will take me from Phnom Penh City across the Mekong River over to Areyksat on the other side of the river and through three islands in the Mekong via three ferries and two main bridges (..... click here to view blog).

Phnom Penh To Oudong Cycling Route Map
Cycling Route: Riverside>Russian Boulevard>Road 598>Railway Tracks>Khan Pou Sechney>Angkor Park>Ou Kong Lake>Chrey Loas Commune>Oudong Temple>National Highway 5>Riverside.
Distance: 60km Level: Hard
Starting off riding on proper roads from the Riverside of Phnom Penh, we will hit the old railway tracks and rode beside it. From then onwards it was an experience of Cambodia's countryside and its rural people (..... click here to view blog).

North Phnom Penh Recce Cycling Route Map

Distance: 35km Level: Easy
From Monivong Boulevard, I tried to head to the north-west lake district but got diverted. Instead I went to the north-east and scouted around that area (..... click here to view blog).

South Phnom Penh Recce Cycling Route Map

Distance: 21.75km Level: Easy
This was a short 21 km. stint as my friend Suhamie is fairly new to cycling and I did  not want to stretch him. We will ride along the Riverside, take a ferry and explore the southern part of Arey-Ksat and then head back using another ferry (..... click here to view blog).

Phnom Penh Mekong Riverside Cycling Route Map

The ride route : Monivong Blvd>Supreme Court>Royal Palace>Riverside>Naga World and back.
Distance: 14.41km Level: Very Easy
This was my debut cycling in Cambodia, so it will be a short ride of about 14km. just to stretch my itchy riding legs (..... click here to view blog).

Phnom Penh to Diamond Island Cycling Route Map

The ride route : Monivong Blvd>St.114>St.110>Riverside>Diamond Island>Independence Monument>Monivong Blvd.
Distance: 15km Level: Easy
A ride from Phnom Penh to the newly reclaimed Diamond Island (Ko Pich). (..... click here to view blog).

Phnom Penh Mekong Islands Cycling Route Map

The ride route : Riverside>Arey Ksat>Okgnar Tei Island>Dach Island>Sangkat Chrouy Changva>Wat Phnom>Riverside.
Distance: 29.23km Level: Medium
The route includes three ferry rides and a crossing of a bridge. Taking a ferry we will cross over to Areyksat on the mainland, then another ferry over to Koh Okgnar Tei. We will then cross a bridge over to Ko Dach (Silk Island) and take another ferry back to the mainland.
(..... click here to view blog Pt.1)
(..... click here to view blog Pt.2)

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