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Portugal Cycling Route Maps

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Below are maps of routes that I have cycled in Portugal while on a 2019 Cycling Tour of the Iberian Peninsula. This include routes from city to city and also those within the cities. Some of the routes are along beautiful lakeside paths and others through scenic wetlands. Hopefully, I will be able to cycle there again in future and add more maps.

Faro To Seville Portugal-Spain Cycling Route Map
Cycling Distance: N/A     Level: N/A
This route has just a little cycling, i.e. to and from the bus stations. Travel was by the ALSA Bus to get from Faro to Seville , approximately 200 km. away. The journey will take us across the Guadiana International Bridge which spans Guadiana River. Crossing the river that forms the major part of the boundary between the two countries, we effectively crossed over from Portugal into Spain.
(Zoom in to see cycling routes at Faro & Seville.

Figueira da Foz To Óbidos Portugal Cycling Route Map (3km)

Cycling Distance: 3 km.     Level: Easy (cycling was to & from train stations).
(Zoom in to see Obidos attractions)
This is a multi-mode route that included three train rides using the Comboios De Portugal Trains (CP) from Figueira da Foz (FdF) to Verride to Caldas da Rainha to Óbidos. It was a quick 20 minutes ride on the urban train from FdF to Verride with a crazy 1 minute change of trains, and then a 1 hr. 35 min. ride on the inter-city (CP) train to Caldas da Rainha for another train change to Óbidos. The all-in fare was €11-50 per pax, there was no charges for our bicycles. There was no need to fold or bag our bikes, but we did fold them just to save space.
    From Obidos Station, there was a short stretch of off-road track leading to Óbidos medeival town centre. The cycling was easy with only short stretch of climbs approaching the town of Óbidos.

Exploring Lisbon's Attractions Portugal Route Map

Cycling Distance: N/A.     Level: N/A.

This is a non-cycling route. Travel was by Lisbon MetroCarris Bus & local trams.

Lisbon To Faro Portugal Cycling Route Map (3.86km)

Route: Day 10 - Lisbon to Faro:
Cycling Distance: N/A     Level: N/A
(Zoom in to see cycling routes at Lisbon & Faro)
This route has just a little cycling, i.e. to and from the train stations. Travel was by the Comboios de Portugal Train to get from Lisbon to Faro, approximately 250 km. away. At Lisbon we mistakenly took a shorter (8km) hard route going over hilly roads to get to the train station. There is a flatter but longer route (11km) that goes along coastal roads, it starts from Praça do Comércio (Commerce Square) (GPS: 38.70753, -9.13644) and continues along roads running along the other side (seaward side) of the railway tracks, this is shown as "Alternate Flat Route" in the above map.

Mira To Figueira da Foz Portugal Cycling Route Map (38km)

Cycling Distance: 38 km.     Level: Medium (would have been easy except for the cold and misty weather and hilly stretch approaching FdF).
The route is fairly flat running mostly along national trunk road N109, until about 10 kilometres before FdF where it went through steep hills of the Serra da Boa Viagem. From there it continued downhill through suburban roads to arrive at Figueira da Foz.
 Our original route is along a quite road that cuts through pine forest to arrive at the hills of Serra da Boa Viagem for a good panoramic view from the Miradouro da Vela where there is not an ariel view ot the city and the salt-pans of the River Mondego, but on clear days the coastline is also visible as far as the Berlengas islands. This route than goes down to the Cape Mondego Lighthouse. Do note that this forest route is rather isolated without much houses/shops along the way, so do stock up with more water and some food.

Óbidos to Lisbon Portugal Cycling Route Map (11.89km)

Cycling Distance: 11.89 km.     Level: Medium (difficult part was at the steep slopes of Lisbon)..
(Zoom out to see Obidos attractions)
This is a multi-mode route that included a 1hr. eighty kilometres bus ride on the Rodoviária Bus from Óbidos to Lisbon
    From Lisbon's Campo Grande Bus Terminal we cycled to our homestay and later cycled out to visit several of Lisbon's attractions, including the Praça Dom Pedro IV & Praça do Comércio. We returned using the Lisbon Metro to the Intendente station from where we took a short but steep ride back to the homestay. Do note that central Lisbon is very hilly.

Ovar To Mira Portugal Cycling Route Map (53km)

Cycling route: Ovar (Furadouro)>Quintas do Norte>Aveiro Lagoon Bike Path>Marina da Torreira>Estaleiro da Praia do Monte Branco>São Jacinto>Boa Hora>Mira.
Cycling Distance: 53 km.     Level: Medium (would have been Easy but for the cold weather & rain).
The route starts from Furadouro and then goes along the cycling paths on the North-Western shore of the Aveiro Lagoon to reach São Jacinto for a ferry crossing over to Forte da Barra. From there it veers away from the lagoon to go along central roads of the local residential Grafanha, Ílhavo and Vagos area to reach Mira. It is a relative flat route, with some shade along the way.
(Note: Due to limitations, the plotted route is on roads; to see the cycling lanes at the 
Aveiro Lagoon Bike Path, click the top-left box then on the extended menu scroll down to the bottom, click the satellite view square and zoom in accordingly.)

Exploring Porto Portugal Route Map
Day's route: Porto>Uber>DHL Global Forwarding>Botica Sta.>Porto Metro>Trindade Sta.>Porto City Centre>Porto Riberia.
Cycling Distance: N/A     Level: N/A
Time (Day 2) : 10:15am to 9;30 pm
Time Taken (Day 2) : 11 hrs. 15 mins. (inclusive of lunch, visiting places of interest, shopping, rest, and many photo opps).
This is a walking route to explore the old centre of Porto, we did some travelling by Porto Metro trains and Uber taxis.

Porto Portugal Walking Tour Route Map

Day's route: Torre dos Clérigos>Miradouro da Vitória>Jardim da Cordoaria>Igreja do Carmo>Livraria Lello>Praça da Liberdade>Sao Bento Train Station>Ponte de Dom Luís I>Esplanada do Teleférico>Sé do Porto.

Cycling Distance: N/A     Level: N/A
Time : 9:50am to 1;10 pm (Walking tour only)
Time Taken: 3 hrs. 20 mins. (inclusive of morning tea, visiting places of interest, rest, and many photo opps).
This is a walking route following the Sandeman's Free Walking Tour around the old centre of Porto and extending across the Ponte de Dom Luís I bridge to the Esplanada do Teleférico before looping back to the Sé do Porto cathedral.

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Porto To Ovar Portugal Cycling Route Map (44.55km)

Cycling route: Porto>Ponte de Dom Luís I>Vila Nova de Gaia>Afurada>Estuário do Douro>Valadares>Capela do Senhor da Pedra>Espinho>Barrinha de Esmoriz>Ovar PIne Forest>Ovar (Furadouro).
Cycling Distance: 44.55 km.     Level: Medium (would have been Easy but for the cold weather & rain).
The route went along the the lower deck of the Ponte de Dom Luís I and continued on cycling paths along  the Duouro River until it met the Atlantic Ocean at the Douro Estuary. It continued along the ocean coastal cycling route, going onto board-walk paths that ran through the beaches at Passadiço Espinho and Praia de Paramos, and later on boardwalks paths cutting through the wetlands at Barrinha de Esmoriz / Lagoa de Paramos. Nearer Ovar the route went through beautiful pine forest paths.
    The route was mostly flat, without much shade except at the pine forest, but it was okay as it was a rainy day.
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