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Australia Cycling Route Maps

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Australia is a large country, a whole continent in fact. So one should be able to expect diverse areas for cycling; one that goes through different rural or urban settings, and under different climates too. Below are maps of routes that we cycled in Australia. Presently only routes in Sydney, Perth, and Fremantle, but hopefully more in future.
Click on relevant screen zoom rectangle (at the top right hand corner of each map) to go to the respective route map:

Busselton Shorefront Perth Australia Cycling Route Map (5.68km)

Cycling Route: 
(Zoom out to see the Busselton Underwater Observatory and other places of interest enroute from Margaret River to Perth)
A short route along the Busselton Shorefront which goes from the Busselton Jetty along the Forest Path to the residential area of Geographe and then looping back to ride along the Coastal Path leading from the jetty to High Street.
Cycling Distance: 5.68 km.              |               Level: Easy

Kings Park To Downtown Perth Australia Cycling Route Map (3.60km)
Cycling Distance: 3.61 km.       |               Level: Easy
A very easy down-slope ride from Kings Park (starting near the Giant Boab Tree), through various lookout points, and ending in downtown PerthThe route is shady for most of the way.

Lake Monger Perth Australia Cycling Route Map (3.91km)
Cycling Distance: 3.91 km.       |               Level: Easy
A short but interesting route around Lake Monger, a lake renown for its black swans and other birds with a bonus of a fantastic panoramic view of Perth city skyline. The route is very flat and fairly shady

Perth To Fremantle & Cottesloe Perth Australia Cycling Route Map (14.55km)
 Cycling Distance: 14.55 km       |       Level: Easy (except for some slopes in Cottesloe)
This is a multi mode tour, with train rides from Perth to Fremantle & later from Fremantle to Cottesloe.
The cycling routes goes around the old centre of Fremantle, then to the outskirts to seek some interesting street art. It's an easy route, relatively flat except for some slopes near the prison. At Cottesloe, it a ride down slope for some beach fun and then back up to the train station.

Perth To Pinnacles & Lancelin Perth Australia Route Map (484km)

 Cycling Distance: 14.55 km       |       Level: Easy (except for some slopes in Cottesloe)
Distance: 484 km       |       Level: Not Relevant
A non-cycling route following a guided tour to visit the the karst formation of the Pinnaccles and the white sand dunes of Lancelin.

Prevelly Margaret River Perth Australia Cycling Route Map (8.0km)

(Zoom out to see places of interest enroute from Perth to Margaret River)
Cycling Distance: 8.0 km.              |               Level: Easy
This is a map of a ride along Gnarabup Beach in Prevelly. It's a route passing by several beaches with a beautiful sea with white waves breaking out, goes to a park and several scenic viewpoints. There is a proper path, but several stretches are covered by a thin layer of sand, so do cycle with care.

Subiaco To Elizabeth Quay Perth Australia Cycling Route Map (14.75km)

 Distance: 14.75 km       |       Level: Easy
This is a casual route starting with a train ride from Perth to Subiaco. The cycling route goes from the Subiaco Station to a farmers market, then cutting along the edge of Kings Park to enter the University of Western Australia. From there it's along the cycling paths running along the Swan River to head towards Elizabeth Quay.

Swan River Valley Perth Australia Cycling Route Map (16.53km)

 Cycling Distance: 16.53 km.       |               Level: Medium
The route goes into the rustic area of the Swan River Valley with its many vineyards, farms, cottage industries and excellent scenery. It's a relatively flat route with average shading.

Exploring Sydney Australia Cycling Route Map (25.75km)
The ride will take us across the Harbour Bridge twice! Once over to visit a secret garden and then back to see the Opera House. Of course en route there will be other interesting places.
Cycling Distance: 25.75 km.     |     Level: Easy

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