Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Welcome to AhPek Biker, below are my blogs, click on any one to proceed reading. Hope you will like them.

Why AhPek Biker?
Realization of a name, should I call myself this?
AhPek Biker - Reflections
AhPek's thoughts & consideration on biking - the effects & results since taking up cycling.
AhPek Biker Going Places
Photos of me & my bikes at landmarks & notable places.
Bikes, Accessories & Travel
My forays into buying bicycles, their accessories and other biking conveniences like bike-packing in planes and trains, etc.
Cycling Route Maps
Maps of cycling routes that I rode around the world and in the states of Malaysia.













You are at - Jotaro's Blog / AhPek Biker
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  1. Hi Jotaro, I'm looking for my first foldie and found your blog today. It has helped me cut down a lot of work on finding the right bike. Thanks! How much did the Dahon Dash P18 cost? I'm thinking of getting that too, if they still have it. I would also like to join a biking community in the Klang Valley. What are your recommendations? Btw, nice story (the not serious version) about how you got your 2nd foldie! Also may i have your email address so i can contact you? Thanks much! E

    1. Hi E,
      I am glad that my stories have been helpful to you.
      The Dahon Dash will be listed at around +/-RM2500 and from there you negotiate down. If they have it, it should be the 2012 model. Contact Johnny of My Bicycle shop, he should be able to advise you and his pricing is reasonable.

      You can contact me through the AhPek Biker FaceBook page.

      Do feel free to contact me, get your first bike and join us for our rides.

  2. Halo Ah Pek, Phang here - This is a nice blog u have here and is very interesting with all put up and stories behind all ride that such a great effort for all this.... GOOD JOB bro, and keep working with it as is going to be memories when come to certain time... i personaly feel it so much.

    1. Thanks Phang,
      That's the general idea. To write down our stories for future memories.
      But it's not where we ride that makes cycling interesting, the the people we ride with that makes a story worth telling - the fun we have together, the crazy things we do. I try to look & notice at the people angle while riding.
      Cheers Bro.

  3. Dear Ah Pek

    Wah ! Wah! I like your blog. Is amazing u all so enjoying life. Wow! Great ideas cycling cum travelling & food & sightseeing.....fantastic life!
    Would like to join u all 1 day ride...
    i like ah pek mature group haha as I am not young..hehe ard 50
    recently i bought my foldie bike Dahon Visc P18 from Johnny My Bicycle Shop. .good bike love it.

    how can I join u all for bike..
    looking forward.

    1. Dear Betty,
      Thanks for reading my blogs, and I am glad that our cycling adventures is interesting to you.
      I have a AhPek Biker FaceBook page. If you are on FaceBook, just search for AhPek Biker.
      From there you can send a message to me stating your FaceBook name. I will friend you and then invite you to join our FaceBook cycling groups.
      Most of our events are posted on these group page.


      AhPek Biker

  4. Hi Jotaro,

    Great! Will do sometime nx week..

  5. Hi Ah Pek biker - Jotaro
    Yup i just created a fb page name is Betty Bike..pls fren & add me into your cycling groups

    many than

  6. Dear Ah Pek,

    I am a group of cyclist from Singapore and i would like to arrange a join cycling with your group. Any chance for a joint event?


    1. Hi Nancy,

      For a start perhaps you could contact Amoi on her blogs.
      She's with a group of cyclists based in JB, nearer to Singapore which could make it easier for joint events with Singaporean cyclists.
      Her blogsites are:


  7. Hi jotaro, great job on blogging your rides. Really love reading them all. Stumble upon during searching for hill rides near KL (I'm from Sarawak). Would love to read more blog from your journey!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your support.
      I guess in Sarawak, there are lovely hills to ride around.
      In KL, challenging hills are at the Bangsar/Jalan Pantai area, a built up area with moderate traffic. Their are many hills in Cheras, but traffic there is like crazy.
      You could try the Sungai Pencala area, nicely set in a cooling kampung area with moderate to steep hills around the kampong, explore a bit a you can find them easily and another good climb is at Bukit Kiara nearby.
      Here's a route map that gives you some idea of the place:,101.6354286,14.26z/data=!4m2!6m1!1s1CLQXtUXSC8t8zfiXwp0Lwv994pA
      This route also connects over to Desa Park City, where there is a decent climb.
      Hope this will be helpful.
      Ride Well & Ride Safe.

  8. Hello ahpek..can you give me your contact number ?i want buy some part with you..please..urgent

    1. Hi there,
      You can contact me via a pm at the AhPek Biker FB page:
      AhPek Biker - Old Dog Rides Again

      Sorry, I am not a seller of bicycles or parts.
      But send me a message and I will try to help if I can.