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Accessories #1 - First Foldie Basic Accessories

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My bike - Out of the Bag.
With biking, one have to start buying accessories. Some for safety (like gloves, rear light), Others for convenience, i.e. bell, carrying case. And yet others, like stickers, to personalize and add a bit of vanity.

1. Carry-on Bag
My bike - Folded up and in the Carry-on Bag
I got this Dahon carry-on bag as I forsee, taking the bike onto buses or trains and going somewhere further away to enjoy biking in a different scenery. Fairly easy to use, this bag has a stringed opening at the bottom that can open up fairly large. Slip it over the folded bike, then lay the bike on it's side (i.e. the side away from the gears) and pull the string tight. There's is a small zipped pocket there to keep the long string after tightening. At the top is a zipped opening where one can reach into the bag and tie two straps (these are attached to the bag) to secure the bike properly. A large and wide adjustable belt on top allows easy carrying. Cost RM129/= from Roda Link in Sri Hartamas.

2. Carry-on Bag Pouch
Pouch for Carry-on Bag
The carry-on bag comes with a pouch for keeping it when not in use. Inside the pouch is a PVC attached smaller bag that pulls tight after storing the carry-on bag, keeping all water-proofed. The pouch can be easily attache to the bike's seat shaft and seat. When not storing the bag, it doubles up as a convenient carry all pouch. Cost FREE, comes with the carry-on bag.

3. Rear Lights
This is a must-have safety feature. The one I got from My Bicycle Shop was a Cateye Blitz Light. It is a 5-bulb LED type which runs on two AA batteries and can be set to Manual or Auto. In Auto setting, it will light up when dark AND only when moving (this is achieved by light & motion sensors inside). The lights continue blinking for 50 seconds after the bike stop moving. The LED lights themselves have several modes, single LED fixed light, 3-LED blink or 5-LED strobe. Batteries last 200hrs on full 5-light mode and 400hrs on economy mode. Buttons to set Auto and Light Mode are at the back. Cost RM70/=.

4. Biking Gloves

This is an important safety equipment, not so much for protection against accidents but more for better grip & avoiding blisters. I got this pair of nice blue Louis Garneau Mondo (half-finger) gloves from My Bicycle Shop for RM60/=. It comes with Velcro lock.

6. Ringing Bell
This is a convenience and safety equipment - lets people know you are behind them. The one I got a Cat Eye bell from My Bicycle Shop. It has a sharp and clear ringing tone.

Just less than a week after getting the bike, I was getting more accessories, most of them much needed. Will ride on and get more feel of biking and probably join some biking groups, see what accessories they have and consider whether I'll need those.

My advise to new bikers like me is not to rush into getting the accessories. Get the basics first, those that you need for safety. The rest will come as you ride along and socialize with other bikers.

So this next item is not at the top of the accessory list.

7. Riding Watch
This is not an essential item but more of an image item, heh! heh! Watches used in riding should be water-proof and shock-proof. This one from Hublot is rugged and can take on the rough riding anytime.

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