Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why AhPek Biker?

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Why AhPek Biker?
Why do I call myself the AhPek Biker?
I wasn't much of a sports person... so when my friend Sin encouraged me to take up biking, I really thought much and hard about it. Most of all I was worried whether I could take it physically. But finally I considered that at my age I could need the exercise. So I went ahead.
My earlier biker look. Come to think of it, I do look like an old trishaw man.
Not having done much sports activities over the past years, my ward-robe was lacking in suitable attire. So I just grab whatever I could - a pair of bermuda shorts, a white T-shirt and a pair of Timberland shoes. Off I went for my first ride, a short 6km ride.

Shoe Casualty
I rode from TTDI to Ikea to pick up some stuff for friends and then continued to 1-Utama to pick up more stuff. As I neared 1-U, I suddenly heard and felt some flapping sound, looked down and saw that my precious Timberland had split opened, gaping like a hungry dog. Ha! Seems like this old man could take more than the shoes. (I found out later that when shoes have not been used for a while this happens)

Thought I looked pretty cool, but the attire was just all wrong.
Having done that, and feeling fairly proud of myself, I posted some pix onto my FB page. Gosh! I didn't expect the odd responses from my FB friends. All were encouraging, but there were more comments on my dressing like - "Biking thumbs up, attire thumbs down.", and many "Hey you look like a Ah Pek (Hokkien for "old man)!"

Old Tinsmith Shop in George Town, Penang
A week later, I took my bike up to Penang and went on a ride from Tanjong Tokong down to the city (see Penang Ride). At Kimberley Street, I passed by an old tinsmith shop, realizing that this is a dying trade, I took some photos for keepsake. As I was snapping away, the boss-lady looked up at me & said in her Manglish "Go biking must be wear more stylo wan. Cannot dress like Ah Pek wan!" Seems my reputation as an Ah Pek has preceded me. (Sigh!)

Dwarf AhPek
Then on my TTDI-Kiara Park Ride, I asked a passer-by to take a photo of me. Oops! That didn't turn out well. Not only did I look Ah Pek, I also looked dwarfish. And my bicycle looked like one of those kiddie rides. Time to do something about it? Yeah!

Here's me..... so top half look okay, not so AhPek after all. Heh! Heh! Time to re-look at the bottom half.

But come to think of it, my AhPek gear feels comfortable to me, so probably will maintain it until someone convince me otherwise. Huh!

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  1. i'm yap, i just started cycling. how can i joint u? i look like apek also

  2. Hi Yap,
    Do a google search for my FaceBook Page - AhPek Biker.
    There you can leave your FB contact, then I will send a friend request to you and add you to our cycling groups.
    By the way, thanks for reading my blogs.

    1. thanks for the reply. You only use folding bike?i'm using a Ferrari folding bike model FB2014. Just bought..

    2. Yes, I only use a folding bike as I find it convenient to fit into my car, train, planes for travelling around with.
      Good to see that you have got the Ferrari FB2014. It's a beautiful bike, do let me know how well it performs.