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Spain Cycling Route Maps

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Below are maps of routes that I have cycled in Spain while on a 2019 Cycling Tour of the Iberian Peninsula. Most of the routes are within the towns & cities. Hopefully, I will be able to cycle there again in future and add more maps.

Alcala la Real To Granada Spain Cycling Route Map

Route - Alcalá la Real to Granada:
Cycling Distance: 4.95 km.     Level: Easy.
An easy route between our home-stays in Alcalá la Real & Granada to their respective bus stations for a 50km bus journey between the two cities.
(Zoom in to see cycling routes at Alcalá la Real & Granada)

Exploring Barcelona Spain Cycling Route Map (23.19km)

Cycling Distance: 23.5 km (based on Map My Ride tracking)     Level: Medium.
A route starting from the L' Eixample locality to view a couple of Gaudí's buildings and then upwards to the hilly municipal precinct of Montjuïc (without having to climb hard as there were escalators), followed by zooming down to the Port of Barcelona and lunch at El_Born before continuing onto green areas of Parc de la Ciutadella (Citadel Park) and back to the L' Eixample locality.

Guru Free Walking Tour of Barcelona Spain Route Map
This is a non-cycling map and includes places of interest covered by the Guru Free Walking Tour of Barcelona.

Park Güell & Flea Markets Barcelona Spain Route Map

Cycling Distance: N.A.     Level: N.A.
 It's a non-cycling day, with us taking the Metro to visit flea markets and also to Park Güell for more of Gaudí.

Exploring Cordoba Spain Cycling Route Map (7.78km)

Cycling Distance: 7.78 km.     Level: Easy
This is a short ride around Cordoba to visit some of the city's secondary attractions such as the Plaza de la Corredera & El Alcázar Córdoba, etc. before heading to the Estación Autobuses Córdoba. It is an easy route with just a bit of climb.

Faro To Seville Portugal-Spain Cycling Route Map
Cycling Distance: N/A     Level: N/A
This route has just a little cycling, i.e. to and from the bus stations. Travel was by the ALSA Bus to get from Faro to Seville , approximately 200 km. away. The journey will take us across the Guadiana International Bridge which spans Guadiana River. Crossing the river that forms the major part of the boundary between the two countries, we effectively crossed over from Portugal into Spain.
(Zoom in to see cycling routes at Faro & Seville.

Cycling Distance: 8.68 km.     Level: Medium
A ride to explore Granada; starting from Campo de Principe to head to the hilly areas of the Realejo near the Alhambra Palace Hotel. Then it was down to the Genil Riverside, and onward to Plaza del Campillo & the Granada Cathedral before returning back. The route was fairly flat except for the hilly areas of the Realejo.

Granada to Barcelona Spain Cycling Route Map

Cycling Distance: N.A.     Level: N.A.
This is a non-cycling map as we flew from Granada to Barcelona., later in the evening we took a walk over form the L' Eixample to Sant Gervasi-Galvany for dinner.
(Zoom in to see routes and POIs in Granada and Barcelona)


Discovering Seville Portugal-Spain Cycling Route Map (6km)

Cycling Distance: 6 km.     Level: Easy
This is a short route with an easy cycling along the Alfonso XIII Canal branch of the Guadalquivir River reaching up till the Puente de San Telmo, and then looping back via the Puerta de Jerez & the Seville Cathedral.
The icons in purple are Seville attractions we visited during and after a walking tour.

Seville To Cordoba Spain Cycling Route Map (16km)

This is a short ride at Seville to to visit the Plaza de España followed by a route to the Santa Justa Train Station to take the Renfe Ave Train to Córdoba. On arriving at the Estación de Córdoba Adif it is a short ride to the home-stay and then to the Templo romano de Córdoba (Roman temple ruins of Córdoba), the Mezquita-catedral de Córdoba & the Puente romano de Córdoba (Roman bridge of Cordoba that spans over the Guadalquivir River. The route is relatively flat in Seville, while in Córdoba there is a bit of climb.
Cycling Distance: 16 km.     Level: Easy
(Zoom in to see cycling routes in Seville & Córdoba)

Via Verdes Greenway Subbética At Zuheros Spain Cycling Route Map (5km)
This is a quick short ride along the Vias Verdes Greenway Subbética section of the Vias Verdes hiking/cycling trail. It is an easy route that goes along the old Olive Oil Train Railway that passes through beautiful olive groves.
Cycling Distance: 5.0 km.     Level: Easy

Zuheros To Hacienda Minerva Spain Cycling Route Map (3km)
This is a route from the Museo de Costumbres y Artes Populares "Juan Fernández Cruz" en Zuheros in Zuheros town to Hacienda Minerva. It goes along the main road but there is an alternate route that goes along the Via Verdes Greenway Subbética, a trail that follows the route of the old Olive Oil Train. Our original plan was to cycle from Córdoba to Zuheros, riding along the Via Verdes, but the cold weather deterred us.
(Zoom out to see bus and cycling route from Córdoba to Zuheros)
Cycling Distance: 3.0 km.     Level: Easy

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