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Accessories #7 - Keen Sports Sandal

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Keen Sandal - Model Waterfront Owyhee, slate black/rust colour.
(Disclaimer - unless otherwise state all prices mentioned are list prices. For more accurate pricing please contact the relevant people. This blog is not a review, it's more on my foray in purchasing accessories for my Foldies)

I love cycling; of late I have been doing journeys of longer distances. The thing is previously, I was wearing sneakers for cycling. Sneakers are good, it protects the feet well. But during cycling especially in our hot tropical country our feet tend to get hot. Somehow my sneakers don't seem to vent the heat out fast enough, suffocating my feet. That's when they get hot and tingly! 


Then I saw some of my friend wearing these nice looking sandals, sandals with front end stubs to protect the toes. Great!
But these sandals don't come cheap in Malaysia! So while on a trip to Bangkok (... see One Night In Bangkok blog), hoping to get the sandals at a cheaper price, I popped into Siam Paragon and got this pair of yellow-black casual Keen sandals at RM200. Note: On a recent sales offer, this model was being sold at only RM160. Dang!

The yellow and black do really look striking. It comes with an ankle strap that is padded on the inner side for good cushioning. Best of all the slots of the sides of the sandals allow for venting out of built up heat.

At the front end, is a rubber mould that will prevent stubbing of the toes.

The shoe is pre-fitted with elastic laces that can be further tightened with a choker and held down with a hook.

The treads of the sole designed for good grip and looks good too. Even the heels have treaded grooves to ensure the wearer doesn't slip.

Keen Waterfront Owyhee

Finding my first pair of Keen Sandals comfortable and very suitable for cycling - the tingly feet were a thing of the past - I wanted to get another pair. So when there was a sale at the World of Sports outlet in the Gardens Mall at Midvalley, I rushed down to look out for a good offer. Please note that they are at the Gardens wing and not at the main mall as indicated in their Store Locator Map.

I got the Waterfront Owyhee ones in Slate Black/Rust colour at 30% off the list price of RM459. The Waterfront series are tougher and yet still look good. The are built to be waterproof for hiking through water OR cycling in the rain. With a wider toe, these are excellent for cycling or going on trail.

The toe stubs goes higher and deeper, giving even more protection but without compromising comfort.

The Owyhee's heel strap is doubly reinforced with a strong pull tab.

The Waterfront Series comes with solid looking thick soles.

For safety at night, there are three reflective strips. One is at the pull tab of the heel strap an the other two are at the top front of the sandals.

NOTE: 1. Keen has come out with the Pedal Series suitable for cycling. For the moment there is only one model suitable, the Commuter III.
2. Keep your receipts as the sandals come with a one year warranty. The selling outlet may replace damaged ones during the warranty period.

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / AhPek Biker / Bikes & Accessories / #7 - Keen Sports Sandal
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