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Brompton Accessories #24 - Valeria's Bag for The Brompton

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BROMPTON ACCESSORIES #24 - Valeria's Bag for The Brompton

We were on a cycling tour of the Iberian Peninsula and while in Barcelona, some local friends from the Brompton Barcelona group took us on cycling tour of their city - one of the highlights of the city ride was a visit to Valeria's Bike Accessories.

Valeria has a studio that makes bags and other cycling accessories, many of which are designed for the Bromptons.

It's here that we got this colourful bag for the Brompton; the story of how we got it will come later. For the moment, let's admire this beautiful bag first.

The bag is about the size of a Brompton S bag, with a top roll down cover. It is waterproof, can take drizzle and light rain. I have yet to test this, perhaps with it's roll down flap it could possibly take on heavy rain too - will test this out and revert back later.
The above shows the flange flaps folded outwards to show it's capacity.

A rear view shows two zip pockets at the back.

Top view shows the roll down top clipped with a extendable strap. The two pockets can be seen at the back.

A peep into the pocket. This is not as large as those of the C bag but should be good enough to hold items for daily commuting.

The bag with its top flap unfolded to show it's capacity.

The bag looks colorfully beautiful from all angles, even the more so from the side, which shows how the top flap rolls down and is secured with the extendable strap and a plastic quick release clip buckle.

A close up view of the extendable strap and plastic clip buckle.

And a peep inside, there is a small interior pocket to keep documents etc.

Top view of the two front pockets...
... Hey! there's something inside the right pocket... A spider?

No, it's not a spider.....
But a key-ring attached to a Carabiner which is hooked to the bag.

But it's not the Carabiner or the key-ring that's interesting, the key-ring is connected to a round gizmo with a self-winding string that pulls out a fair bit. So there's no need to unhook the Carabiner; just pull out the key-ring with the bag attached to the bike or slung over the shoulder and use your key! Nifty yah?

The bag comes with a extendable and detachable shoulder strap.

And "Valeria's Barcelona" tag sewn to a bottom corner.

Okay, let's pop in to  Valeria's studio, located somewhere in downtown Barcelona.
It's a real workshop, not just a show-room.

As one steps in one will see stacks of bags piled up at the center, she does her business mainly on line, so all the nice displays are on the net. Leave it to a lady's shopping eyes to quickly filter through stacks of bags and almost immediately see what she likes. Yes, in this stack Lynne's eye caught the flash of colour of the bag she liked.

While my male eyes wandered off to this bag with cool looking Vespa scooters!

In another corner was this water bottle holder, bright red with cute looking owls.

To another side were rolls of  fabric of different patterns, buckles and bag frames, etc.

On a large work-table, Valeria does her design and cutting; she have some helpers to do the cutting and sewing too.

And from the earlier pile, although hidden Lynne managed to pull out this lovely bag, it's called the Hawaiian. But to us Malaysians it holds a meaning closer to our hearts - to others it's a beautiful piece with colourful Hibiscus flowers, to us it's the "Bunga Raya" our national flower!

Valeria seeing how proud Lynne would be of the bag offered a good discount and .....
Voila! But she didn't buy it; I bought it as a gift for her for completing our Portugal & Spain cycling tour!

Valeria's Bike Accessories
Carrer de Pallars, 74-76, 08018 Barcelona, Spain.
WhatsApp: +34-663457945
Hours- Monday-Friday: 10 am – 5 pm

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