Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Accessories #5 - My Cyclist Friends 2013 Jersey & T-Shirt

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Our group, the My Cyclist Friends Face Book group, had adopted the Crocodile as a mascot. Why a crocodile? Well, the crocodile is a hardy fellow, being able to survive on ground and underwater. Same goes for us cyclist, sometimes we ride in the rain too! Which leads us to our tag-line - "We Ride, Wet or Dry."

Nash, had organized to make T-shirts & jerseys for our group. The above is the front view of the T-shirt.

Back view of the T-shirt with the tag-line "We Ride, Wet or Dry".

The front view of the jersey. Some had remarked that the bicycle is a Mountain Bike, well our group is not restricted to foldies only.
Nash was rather democratic about the logos used and the color of the T-shirt & jersey. He put it to a vote at our Face Book group, giving options on color combinations and the icons used.

The back view of the jersey - it has three reasonably deep pockets...

... and a reflective strip that shines brightly when shone on.

Side view of the jerswy with nice green stripes on a black background.
Many thanks to Nash for his efforts.

Here we are, ready to start a debut ride wearing the jersey.
Don't we look good?

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / AhPek Biker / Bikes & Accessories / #5 - My Cyclist Friends 2013 Jersey
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  1. Way to go Joe. Brilliant write up and good expose for the group. Even some good education on bikes to adapt.
    Keep on writting and I will keep on reading. Bravo..

    1. Thanks Nash. Also appreciate your efforts in getting those jerseys and T-shirts done up.