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Perak : Jauntin' Ipoh

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Perak : Jauntin' Ipoh
Ipoh, Perak : 6th September 2013
Duo Ride : Around the roads of New TownIpoh City.
Distance covered : just a short ride.
Time : 12:00 pm - 1:55 pm
Time Taken : 1:55 hrs. (including a stops for lunch & photos)
Route Recommendations :
1. The riverside near the Hugh Low Bridge is quaint and interesting. There are many derelict quaint old buildings. If restored they would look even more wonderful.
2. Surprisingly there are some street art at the alleys. These are about a month old only.
3. Look out for colorful houses, and nice pre-war houses in the area.
4. And don't forget to try out the nice food around here like the Soy Bean milk (... see soy bean milk blog) & the kaya (egg-jam) puffs (... see kaya puffs blog).


My friend Tailim (of the hApPy HaPpY blogs) and me were driving up from Kuala Lumpur to Penang - he for the upcoming CFAL5 cycling event (... see CFAL5 blog), and me to collect the goodies for the 56th Merdeka Penang 2nd Bridge Ride. Well we had to eat, why not stop by in Ipoh for lunch, but this time we will stop at Ipoh New Town.


Ipoh New Town is a misnomer! The city centre of Ipoh is divided into two parts by the locals, on part called Old Town and the other part called New Town. But New Town is not that new! It is actually quite old with many pre-war houses, so I guess Old Town must be even older then, probably dating back from the 1800's.

Lunch was at the Loke Wooi Kee coffee-shop, one that is highly recommended by friends who were from Ipoh.

The 'Kai Si Hor Fun" (flat-noodle in chicken-prawn soup) here is not bad, pretty good I must say - and one don't have to jostle with the crowd like at the other place at Kong Heng in Old Town.

Lunch's over, time to explore the place a bit - and what better way than to cycle around the quieter streets and the shady alley ways.

These days, the shop-houses in Ipoh are painted in bright colors, each one varying color from the other. Some says this makes the place garish, but I think it's nice and give a certain character to the city.

We were surprised to see some interesting street art in the side lanes & back alleys. These looked fairly new, probably about a year or so. The one above is that of a Mak Yong traditional dancer.

This one is that of a lady Indian dancer in traditional costume.

One of lady dulang washers mining for tin. Ipoh is the capital of Perak state, which was the capital of the tin industry.

Potters making Chinese pots and Blue Ming pots.

And my bike decided to join the fray in a Lion Dance.
Perhaps the city is trying to rival Penang's well-known street art.

Further along, restored colonial houses painted in maroon. Very British looking indeed.

At the old market - this place of three large buildings seems to sell only chicken.

Time for refreshments and where else but at Funny Mountain Soy Bean Milk stall at Jalan Theater.

The lady vendor was all smiles and happy to see us; she still remembers me - the old man with the funny looking bike.

The Hugh Low Bridge over the Kinta River. This bridge & river marks the boundary between Old Town & New Town.

The skies are not getting too friendly, better start heading back to our car - but before that one last photo shot of the unique blue domed Panglima Kinta Mosque.

On our drive up north along the North-South Highway; the clouds DO look threatening - and we still have one night and two days of cycling up in Penang.
Let's hope the weather improves.

See you all in Penang!

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