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Brompton Accessories #3 - Bagging The Brompton

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Brompton in an IKEA "Dimpa" Bag
(Disclaimer - all prices mentioned are list prices. For more accurate pricing please contact the relevant people. This blog is not a review, it's more on my foray in purchasing accessories for my 3rd Foldie)

Sooner or later one will have to bag the Brompton, either for protection or for travelling, eg. for bagging to put into buses or trains (many countries require folded bicycles to be bagged before they are allowed into the train). There are several choices of these types of bags from Brompton, like the B Pod, B Bag & Cover - all of these are available from Compton Cycles.
In my case I opted for the Brompton Cover and a bag from IKEA.
An IKEA bag? Yes! Read on...

A. Brompton Cover

Unfolded Brompton Cover Bag
Brompton just calls this a Cover, but in a way it is a bag - one that is convenient for bagging the bike when there is a necessity, such as in trains where bagging is required.
Or to put the bike in for longer term storage.

The good thing about this cover bag is that the bottom is opened, allowing the Eazy Wheels to be exposed for use. The seat post can also be raised even when the bag is zipped up. This allows for the bike to be pushed along train platforms without un-bagging it. How convenient!

When bagged this way, there is a bulge on the folded handle side. So pushing should be from the other side, taking into consideration that bulge to avoid obstructions.

For long term storage and protection against dust, the bag can fully cover the Brompton. There is a nook on one side of the bag to take in the seat; so do take note and bag it the right way.

The Cover Bag also comes with a Saddle Pouch. When not used for keeping the Cover Bag, it becomes a convenient pouch for short day trips (... see more)

B. IKEA "Dimpa" Bag

Like many of my fellow Brompton users, I got the IKEA "Dimpa" bag.
Other than the bags from Brompton, the "DIMPA" bag from IKEA is very suitable for bagging the bike. The only disadvantage is that the Eazy wheels are not exposed, so no pushing with this bag - but two strong straps allows for easy carrying.
At only RM12.90 then this bag is cheap! It is useful for loading into bus holds or checking into airplanes. The semi-transparent look also allows for customs & handlers to see what's inside.

The bottom width of the bag is just slightly wider than the rear rack. The height and width also fits the bike just nicely with some room left for a helmet.
The Brompton fits so snuggly into the DIMPA bag, that one wonders whether the designers or owners of IKEA are Brompton users!

The DIMPA bag zips almost fully open on one side, making it easy to put the bike in. Though fragile looking the bag is surprisingly strong. For checking into flights, it would be a good idea to provide additional cushioning with bubble wrap (... see blog for more details on bagging for air travel).

Well there you are; I have two bags now for different modes of transportation. Now I am ever ready to travel further and wider with my Brompton!

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / AhPek Biker / Bikes & Accessories / Brompton Accessories #3 - Bagging The Brompton
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  1. I love your articles! I do have a problem with this one, though, about the DIMPA bag. Perhaps they have changed the sizes, because when I go to the IKEA site, they list the dimensions as 25 ½x8 ¾x25 ½ ", and the Brompton website lists its folded size as 23" x 21.5" x 10.6". There's plenty of room in two dimensions, but almost 2 inches short in another. Maybe IKEA has different sizes for this bag in the US?

    1. Thanks Larry for reading my blogs. And I am glad that they have been helpful to you.
      Regarding the sizing I believe it's best to refer to IKEA's site:
      this is their US site, which should give the actual dimensions.
      I am not sure which Brompton website you refer to with regards the dimensions, more likely they measured it in a different manner..
      Whatever the case is, the bag still fits the Brompton well, even when boards are put in to protect the bike.
      We (me & my pals who regularly go for overseas cycling trips) have now slightly improved the way we packed our bikes, as can be seen in my latest updated blog:
      Still there will be room for improvements, and will gladly hear any recommendations from you.

      the AhPek Biker

  2. AhPek confirmed it's 25 1/2" × 25 1/2" × 8 3/4". I just bought 8x for my group in KL

    1. Hi Benny,
      Great and have a good bike-packing time.