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Brompton Accessories #1 - Modifying Saddle Bag

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(Disclaimer -  This blog is not a review, it's more on my foray in purchasing accessories for my 3rd Foldie)

I recently got a 2nd hand Brompton (see Buying My 3rd Foldie). A good friend was kind enough to get me some Brompton accessories while she was in Hong Kong - Mini Ortleib Bag, Cover Bag, Eazy Wheels, etc.

The cover bag comes with a saddle bag for carrying it along while riding. This saddle bag is useful to double up as a pouch (I will call it "pouch" from here on) for useful stuff when not used for the cover bag.
But the pouch has only a small opening, and there would be difficulties in getting those things out especially if one put a drinking bottle in together. So how can we get the bottle in/out smoothly without being cluttered by the other things? Well have to modify the pouch a bit then.

The things that will go into my pouch - L-R: #15 spanner (wrapped in plastic bag together with multi tools and tire levers), zip-lock bag (for mobile phone in case of rain), water bottle, small combination lock, sunglasses & spare tube. That white PVC pipe is the mystery item!

Getting the drinking bottle out easily will have to be the priority, after that it's the shades.
To solve that, I got a 3" diameter uPVC drain pipe (the mystery item) about 6 inches long. This will create a niche for the bottle to slide in & out easily.
To secure the pipe, stick-on Velcro is used.

This photo shows an inside-out pouch with the pipe stuck on with stick-on Velcro.

The pouch with the pipe secured forming a niche-slot ready to receive the water bottle.

Stuff has been put into the pouch - water bottle in the pipe, tools at top right, zip-lock at top left (hidden), shades at bottom right, spare tube & combination lock at bottom of bottom left. There's still some spare space for some other stuff! Power bar perhaps?

The pouch secured under the saddle - does not look bulgy even with all the things inside. Simple & light for a day trip.

The Cat's Eye rear light can even be secured below the saddle without the pouch blocking it!

Till more innovations then.... RIDE WELL RIDE SAFE!

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / AhPek Biker / Bikes & Accessories / Brompton Accessories #1 - Modifying Saddle Bag
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