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Brompton Accessories #2 - Securing The Brompton #1

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I recently got a 2nd hand Brompton (see Buying My 3rd Foldie), with it the world of cycling will unfold for me! But I have yet to learn much about using the Brompton.
It was fortunate that a few friends & I got to meet up with Bil Choy, a long time user of Bromptons and a strong advocate in using the Brompton for bike touring. And he has many tricks up his sleeve on how to make the Brompton more touring friendly.
Below are a few of his innovations which I have followed.

1, Securing The Pump

Brompton pump secured to rear wheel frame with Velcro.
Bil's innovations are simple, practical, down-to-earth and inexpensive.
For example - having experience the pump coming lose and sticking into his rear wheels (this could happen after a long use of the bike or many uses of the pump),  he has secured the pump with Velcro to the chain stay. I have followed likewise, better to be safe than sorry.

2. Locking-in the Front Wheel Frame Without Lowering The Seat

Lowering the seat post will lock in the front wheel, but a raised seat post is useful for pushing the bike around. The snag is of course when there are step/stairs around, a bit of carrying is required and it's not practical to lower/raise the seat post again & again.
A garter gizmo with a button will act as a temporary easy locking mechanism securing the rear wheel to the top tube.

When not in use, this garter just straps around the top tube; ever ready for it's next use.

3. Protecting The Chain Stay When Folding 

When folding, the front wheel folds in and is secured to the chain stay by the U-bracket of the front wheel. Through frequent folding, this may cause scratching of the chain stay. A simple stick-on Velcro (furry part) will protect that area and also provide some cushioning.

The U-bracket seating onto the Velcro area of the chain stay.

Well that's it for the moment, till I follow some more of Bil's innovations or come up with my own :


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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / AhPek Biker / Bikes & Accessories / Brompton Accessories #2 - Securing The Brompton #1
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  1. Hi Jotaro Zen,

    I am from Penang, over 50 years old. After having read your blog, I am interested and convinced that I should take up cycling as my hobby. Having seen what and your friends have gone through I am eager to buy a folding bike like yours. Can I seek your advice as to which bike should I get? Finding that your last bike you bought is Brompton, which is quite pricey and hard to find, what is your recommendation?

  2. Hi Lee Huat,
    First a belated Keong Hee Huat Chye.
    I am 56 years old, so that's why AhPek :)

    As for your questions on what bike to buy, there are several options:
    1. The XDF from China has a 16in wheeler suitable for travelling, i.e. Model name FA16. I believe this cost about rm700-800. Could be cheaper in Penang.
    2. Then there is this 12in wheeler that is sold in Penang, Sells for rm1700 I think. You can see a photo of this at my blog
    It's the yellow colour bike.

    Yes do go for cycling, it's a good way of exercising that will give you the opportunity to make new friends and also see more of what we miss when we drive by a place too fast.
    I would advise you go for cheaper bike first and if you find that cycling is your thing then go for a better bike later.

    Do you have an FaceBook Account. If you do, you can leave a message for me under my facebook page AhPek Biker. Just google it.
    From there I can introduce you to Penang friends who should be able to give you even better advice.

    AhPek Biker

    1. JOTARO ZEN,
      Thank you so much for your information, I have bought a brompton bike from a shop in Penang. Originally I wanted to buy Brompton, but there isn't any shop selling it here, so I had bought an Ori classic instead. Now my wife is using it. It was until a month ago the shop named DWC started introducing started selling brompton. The shop owner is going to open a brompton shop at Straits Quey in a months time.

    2. Hi Lee Huat,
      Glad to be able to help and good to hear you have got at Brompton Bike. The shop at Straits Quay has opened and is presently a small one, but it's one that sells exlcusively Bromptons. I had a chat with the owner and they will probably be bringing in accessories too.
      BTW, are you in the MY Brompton Malaysia FB Group. In the group, very often there are postings on upgrades and accessories.

      Ride Well & Ride Safe

  3. Hey Apek biker,

    Thanks for blogging about the care of your Brompton. These are all very useful tips and I find myself taking note of all the parts of my bike, especially with all the constant folding and abrasion which will occur. Now I have taken your good advise to secure the hand pump and several bits to protect the bike from all the folding action it will see.
    Keep blogging as it is very informative! Good job and ride safe!

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      You are most welcomed and I am glad that my blogs helped you in some way.
      Thanks for reading my blogs too.