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South Korea Cycling Route Maps

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Below are maps of the routes we rode in South Korea, along the scenic Han River & Nakdung River cycling trails and stints within the dynamic metropolises of Seoul, Daegu & Busan, serene Gyeongju and a loop round Jeju Island The river trails were scenic with much greenery around, mountains reflected onto the lakes and rivers, and majestic dams & bridges. In the cities were palaces, folk villages & temples under the UNESCO Heritage List, lively markets and interesting streets.
The maps are dynamically scrollable and zoom. Click on relevant screen zoom rectangle (at the top right hand corner of each map) to open the respective route map in another page:

Ara Waterway To Seoul South Korea Cycling Route Map (54.82km)
Distance: 54.82km.     Level: Medium
The route starts from the Cheongna Station, crossing over to the scenic Ara Waterway cycling trail and the across the Mapo Bridge. After which it was cycling on pavements of the city's roads to the hotel. The Ara Waterway was an easy one but into the city were a couple of steep slopes.
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Busan Cherry Blossom Trail South Korea Cycling Route Map (36.72km)
Cycling Route Around Busan : Dong Yang Motel>Pukyong Nat'l Univ.>Igidae Coastal Promenade>Namcheon-dong>Gwangalli Beach>Oncheon Stream Park>BIFF Food Street>Dong Yang Motel.

Cycling Distance - 36.72km.     Level: Easy.
This is a trail around  Busan City to hunting for beautiful sceneries of the cherry blossoms in full bloom. En route, were also surprising sceneries from a cliff side and a beach. The route includes several Metro train rides.
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Busan To Gamcheon South Korea Cycling Route Map (12.27km)

(Zoom out to view locations of Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal & Busan Central Bus Terminal).
Distance - 12.27km.     Level: Hard (because of the sleep slopes going up to Gamcheon).
The route is a short but not a easy one in physical terms. It runs through Busan and then up some steep slopes to get to the Gamcheon. The steep climbs are was worth it as Gamcheon is such a colourful and beautiful place.
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Busan To Haeundae To Haedong Yonggungsa Temple South Korea Cycling Route Map (20.15km)

Ride Route Dong Yang Motel (near Busan Station)>Busan Port vicinity>Jagalchi Market>Busan Tower>Jungang Station>by train>Haeundae Station>Haeundae Beach>Songjeongju Lighthouses>Haedong Yonggungsa Temple>by bus>Haeundae Station>by train>Busan Station>Dong Yang Motel.
Cycling Distance - 20.15km.     Level: Hard (because of the sleep slopes from Haeundae to Songjeongju).
The route goes around Busan city before heading to Haeundae and then onwards along the coastal route to the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple via Songjeongju.


Choryang To Lotte Mall Busan South Korea Cycling Route Map (7.86km)
Cycling Route Around Busan : Dong Yang Motel>Busan Port>Lotte Mall & Back.
Distance: 7.86km.     Level: Easy
A short ride that takes us from Choryang to the Lotte Mall via the coastal cycling lanes with an interesting pass through a pedestrian tunnel.
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Choryang To Nakdong River Estuary Busan South Korea Cycling Route Map (19.33km)
Cycling Route Around Busan : Dong Yang Motel>Busan Port>Jagalchi Market>Seo-gu/Saha-gu Tunnel>Nakdong Estuary Eco-Center>Arirang Street Market>Dong Yang Motel.
 Cycling Distance - 19.33km.     Level: Medium.
The route will take us on some steep slopes across Busan City to the beautiful Nakdong River Estuary at Eulsukdo Island. The return trip was via the Metro train back to street markets in the city.
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Daegu City South Korea Cycling Route Map (25.02km)

Cycling Route Dongdaegu>Pyeonghwa Chicken Alley>Donga Shopping Street>Bongsan Art Street>Seomun Market>Yangnyeongsi Herbal Market>Dongdaegu.
Distance: 25.02km.     Level: Easy
A full day discovery of Daegu cycling route that covers some foodie places, a couple of street market, a culture street and even a herb market!

Gyeongju South Korea Cycling Route Map (22.13km)

Note: Zoom out to view bus route from Daegu to Gyeongju.
Ride Route - Daegu>>by bus>Gyeongju>Hanok Sadomjeong>Tumuli Park>Gyochon Traditional Village>Bunhwangsa Pagoda>Gyeongju National Museum>Cheomseongdae>Donggung Palace>Hanok Sadomjeong.
Distance: 22.13km.     Level: Easy
A day of getting around of Gyeongju, cycling to see the historical sites of this living UNESCO Culture city, from amazing tumuli to grand lit palaces.
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Han River Trail Seoul To Yangsu Han South Korea Cycling Route Map (45.26km)
Distance: 45.26km.     Level: Medium
A ride along the Hangang River Trail starts with a short train ride to Oksu Station from where the cycling starts. The trail would pass by river jetties, an observatory, beautiful bridges, an imposing dam and through an old railway tunnel too.
Han River Trail Yangsu To Yeoju South Korea Cycling Route Map (59.77km)
 Cycling Route - Yangsu>Yangsu Station>Koksu Station>Yangpyeong Art Museum>Yangpyeong Athletic Park>Gaegun Myeon>Ipobo Dam>Yeojubo Dam>Yeoju.
Distance: 59.77km.     Level: Medium
The route leads from Yangsu to Yeoju along the Namhangan River Trail to Yeoju. A point to note is that the trail continues at the south-eastern end of the Yangsu Station, don't missed it. Along the way were several railway tunnels, a few impressive bridges and two mighty dams. It also passed by a couple of parks; an athletic park and a baseball park.

Han River Trail Yeoju To Chungju South Korea Cycling Route Map (62.42km)
Distance: 62.42km.     Level: Medium
The route heads from Yeoju to Chungju. This is one of the more interesting routes, that passes a dam with a super steep access/exit, a beautiful island and a very scenic river valley. Nearer to Chungju, there are several steep slopes.

Around Jeju City South Korea Cycling Route Map (8.07km)km)
Distance: 8.07km.     Level: Easy
This was an easy ride, and introductory spin around Jeju City to go for eats and see a bit of the place.
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Jeju City to Geumdeung-ri Jeju South Korea Cycling Route Map (47.22km)
Distance: 47.22km.     Level: Medium
From Jeju City in an anti-clockwise direction along the coast of the island, heading for the giant windmills of Sinchang-ri. Along the way we saw light-horses and Haenyeo Lady Divers 
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Geumdeung-ri To Jungmun Jeju South Korea Cycling Route Map (57.71km)
Cycling route Geumdeung-ri>Sinchang-ri Windmills>Shingaemu Windmill Park>Suwolbong Global Geopark>Sinyeong Wet Market>Sanbanggulsa Temple>Hwasun-ri>Changcheon-ri>Jungmun.
Distance: 57.71km.     Level: Medium
This route is reputed to be the toughest of the round island ride, with diffiuclt climbs near Mount Sanbangsan. Comes with a bonus of savouring the renown Jeju Hallabong oranges.

Jungmun To Pyoseon Jeju South Korea Cycling Route Map (52.98km)
Cycling Route Jungmun>Oedolgae Rock>Lee Jung Seop Art Street>Seobok Exhibition Hall>Soesokkak Estuary>Namwon>Pyoseon.
Distance: 52.98km.     Level: Medium
Today's we pushed onwards towards Pyoseon, and along the way met an interesting pastor, viewed some art, and ended the day eating at an unique Haenyeo restaurant.

Pyoseon To Hado-ri Jeju South Korea Cycling Route Map (53.86km)
Cycling Route Pyoseon>Onpyeong-ri>Seongsan>Udo Island>Hado-ri.
Distance: 53.86km.     Level: Medium
From Pyoseon we had an impromptu stop at Onpyeong-ri where were many yellow fields of rape-seed flowers. A short ferry ride took us over to Udo Island for a small cycling loop. The ride ends at Hado-ri and Sehwa-ri, our last stop before returning to Jeju City.
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Hado-ri To Dongmun Jeju South Korea Cycling Route Map (42.65km)
Distance: 42.65.86km.     Level: Medium
It's a route that will take us to several beaches and end back at Jeju City. This is the final section of the Jeju round island cycling tour.

Dongmun To Yongdam Jeju City South Korea Cycling Route Map (4.22km)
Cycling Distance - 4.22km.     Level: Easy
This is a short route that will take us to a couple of markets and also to two historic buildings - an ancient administrative building and an old Confucian school.

Nakdung River Trail Chungju To Jeomchon To Nakdongri South Korea Cycling Route Map (123.14km)
Ride Route Chungju>by bus>Jeomchon>Yeong River>Nakdong River>Sangpung Bridge>Sangju Bicycle Museum>Sangjubo Dam>Nakdanbo Dam>Nakdongri.
Cycling Distance: 53.44km.     Level: Hard
The route includes a bus ride from Chungju to Jeomchon; this move transfer the cycling on the South Han River Trail and move onto the Nakdong River Cycling Trail, starting from Jeomchon and ending at Nakdongri. It passes by the Sangju Bicycle Museum.

Nakdung River Trail Nakdongri To Waegwanri To Daegu South Korea Cycling Route Map (93.13km)
Ride Route Nakdongri>Gumibo Dam>Gumi>Chilgokbo Dam>Waegwanri>by train>Daegu.
Cycling Distance- 65.93 km.     Level: Easy.
The cycling route goes along the Nakdong River Trail and ends in Waegwanri, then continues with a train ride to Daegu, enroute we pass by a couple of dams.

Seoul City South Korea Cycling Route Map (16.70km)
Distance: 16.70km.     Level: Medium (Would have been easy except for the steep climbs at & around the Bugak Skyway Park.
The route is around Seoul, with destinations a palace, a green and testing park, a cathedral and a street market. Along the are a couple of charming streets (Samcheong-ro & Bukchon-ro) and even a Concubine Alley!

Seoul To Nami Island South Korea Cycling Route Map (9.26km)

Ride Route - Seoul 53 Hotel>Jongno 3 Station>by subway>Yongsan Station>by ITX Express Train>Gapyeong Station>Nami Island Jetty>Gapyeong Station>by subway>Ttukseom Resort Station>by subway>Seobinggo Station>by subway>Jongno 3 Station>Seoul 53 Hotel.
Train Ride Distance - 125.62km total; Train Ride Time: going by express train 50 mins., back by subway 90 mins.
Cycling Distance - 9.26km.     Level: Easy because there is hardly any cycling!
Another route with mainly train rides, including a fast one on the ITX Express Train

Seoul To Yongin To Suwon South Korea Cycling Route Map (18.70km)

Ride Route Seoul 53 Hotel>Anguk Station>by train>Sanggal Station>Mapo Restaurant>Yongin Korean Folk Village>Hwaseong Fortress>Paldal Buddhist Temple>Suwon Station>by train>Anguk Station>Seoul 53 Hotel.
Distance: 45.26km.     Level: Medium
This route covers more train rides, from one station to the next to change to different lines. Cycling route is from Sanggal Station to the folk village and then onwards to Suwon.


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