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Bringing Folding Bikes Onto Malaysian New ETS Intercity Trains

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Of late Keratapi Tanah Melayu (KTM), the main train operator for Peninsular Malaysia, has started new Electric Train Service (ETS) routes running between major towns and cities in the peninsular with a main route running form Gemas to Padang Besar. More towns means more interesting places to visit and explore! And most are within half a day's journey. ETS train tickets can be bought on-line via KTM Intranet, there is a need to register as a member first. Registration is free.
We recently took the Gemas-Padang Besar ETS Train (EG9204) from KL Sentral to Ipoh for a cycling event. Based on this experience, I pen some tips here on bringing folding bicycles (foldies) onto these new ETS trains.
 (Please note that fares/pricing and time-table schedules stated here are correct at the time of this blog. Fares are in Malaysian Ringgit unless otherwise state, click here to go to KTM's site for latest ETS updates)
These routes use the new Class 93 trains, manufactured by China's CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co. Ltd., these are more streamlined looking models that run at high speed (up to 160kmh). It is an express train with minimum transit stops in between. For some routes, it is an express between to two terminal stations. The train have five coaches A to F; Coach C has a small cafeteria, while some coaches have an additional disabled toilet.
Some routes use the older Class 91 trains and Class 92 trains; usually for KL Sentral to Ipoh route, these trains have different types of coaches.

For KTM Commuter Services that provide regular daily services on shorter routes, click here.

For KTM Regular Intercity Diesel Trains (slower trains that stop at many stations), click here.


Notice on their signboard.
KTM frequently changes their policy on allowing bikes onto the trains. Please go to bottom of this blog for updates on these.

For those who one to risk it and take their folding bikes onto the ETS trains, bag your folded bikes in opaque bags. Or like the above Bromptons have been bagged in a Ikea Dimpa bag and further concealed by putting them in a black opaque garbage bag.
When doing this, please make sure that the bikes are bag before entering the stations and only unbagged after leaving the stations. When storing your bagged bikes at the luggage racks try not to inconvenience other passengers. And avoid wearing cycling jerseys, cycling T-shirts, cycling caps, etc.

Train layout & coach seating arrangement (graphic by
1.  The above graphic representations above gives a better understanding of the seating arrangement of the coaches and where to put your bagged bikes. When travelling in a large group, spread out your seating into several coaches, OR for even larger groups, take different trains.

2. It's always better to put your bagged bikes at the bottom row of the luggage racks of the Class 93 trains (the dark blue squares in the diagram above, except for coach D).
These luggage rack are located in front of the following seats:
     - Coaches A, C & F: Seats 2C & 2D.

     - Coaches B, & E: Seats 14A & 14B.

3. Positions for putting your bagged bikes at the space in front of the front seats (see coach layout above and note that other passengers could use this for their luggage too):
    Class 91 Trains:
    - Coaches A & F: Seats 2C, 2D, 15A & 15B.
    - Coaches B, C & E: Seats 2C & 2D.
    - Coach D: Seats 2C, 2D, 18A & 18B.
    Class 93 Trains:
    - Coaches B & E: Seats 2C & 2D.       

4. Positions for putting your bagged bikes at the space for disabled persons in front of the front seats (see coach layout above and note that other passengers could use this for their luggage too):
Class 91 Trains:
    - Coaches B & E: Seats 13C, 13D, 14A & 14B.
Class 93 Trains:
    - Coach D: Seats 10A, 10B, 11C & 11D.
NOTE: Please only use these positions when there are no disabled persons on board; should they come on board later, do give way for them.

This photo is for illustration, please bagged your folded bikes in opaque bikes.
5. Positions for putting your bagged bikes at the spaces where the seats facing opposite directions (see coach layout above and note that other passengers could use this for their luggage too). In between the centre seats are comfortable spaces to put bagged bicycles, two on each side giving a total of four that can be stored at each of these coaches:
Class 91 Trains:
    - Coaches A, B, E & F: Between seats at rows 8 & 9.
    - Coaches C & D: Between seats at rows 9 & 10.
Class 93 Trains:
    - Coaches A, B, E & F: Between seats at rows 8 & 9.
    - Coaches B & E: Between seats at rows 14 & 15
    - Coach C: Between seats at rows 7 & 8.
    - Coach D: Between seats at rows 6 & 7.

6. At some coaches of Class 93 trains, there are discussion style seating; with four seats, two facing each other. Behind is a niche that can fit bagged bicycles too:
    - Coaches A & F: Behind seats A to D at row 15.
    - Coaches B & E: Behind seats A & B at row 14.

    - Coach D: Behind seats A to D at row 1.

7. Folde bikes used to be put at the corridors in front of the toilets. Please do not do that anymore as it causes obstruction.

On both side of the coaches are over-head racks; some have tried to put their bagged bikes there but I would advised against it as I have seen bikes stored there toppling and falling down.


Below are the ETS timetables and fares effective 18th January 2016. For updates for KTM latest timetable, click here.

In summary, the ETS routes are:
1. KL Sentral to Ipoh
2. KL Sentral to Butterworth
3. Ipoh to Padang Besar
4. Gemas to Padang Besar
5. Gemas to Butterworth
6. Butterworth to Ipoh

There are feeder local trains that feeds local traffic to the ETS, for this look under the FEEDER TRAINS SECTIONS & BUSES section further below.

The North-bound time-table, green indicates first station and departure time; red the last station and arrival time.
(for a larger view click on the photo)

The South-bound time-table, green indicates first station and departure time; red the last station and arrival time.
(for a larger view click on the photo)

The KL Sentral to Ipoh route train fares. Purple is adult fare and blue is children's fare.
(for a larger view click on the photo)

The KL Sentral to Padang Besar route train fares. Purple is adult fare and blue is children's fare.
(for a larger view click on the photo)

The Gemas to Padang Besar route train fares. Purple is adult fare and blue is children's fare.
(for a larger view click on the photo)

Several train lines and bus services serves to feed local routes to the ETS.

1. KTM Commuter services provide rail services in the Klang Valley and a Northern sector also. Below are the routes & fares for these commuter trains (for updates please visit KTM Commuter page). Folded bikes are allowed onto the trains (except the Butterworth-Padang Besar route) at a fare of RM2/= per bike:

1(a). The KTM Commuter Klang Valley Train Routes & Fares.

 There are two lines; The North-bound serves Tanjung Malim to Port Klang while the South-bound serves Batu Caves to Gemas. There is a need to change trains at Rawang & Seremban respectively.

The Klang Valley Commuter train cash fares (For a clearer PDF copy of this cash fare table, click here). (For a larger view click on the photo)
Purchasing tickets with pre-paid Touch n' Go cards are cheaper; click here for a PDF copy of Touch n' Go fares).

1(b) KTM Commuter Northern Sector Shuttle Train Routes & Fares

The KTM Commuter Northern Sector Shuttle Train route.
There are three routes: Butterworth to Padang Besar, Butterworth to Gurun and Butterworth to Kamunting. Note: folded bikes are not allowed onto the Butterwort to Padang Besar route.

The KTM Commuter Northern Sector Shuttle Train time-table for the Butterworth to Kamunting route.

The KTM Commuter Northern Sector Shuttle Train time-table for the Butterworth to Padang Besar and the Butterworth to Gurun routes. Not the pink columns applies only to Sundays & public holidays.

KTM Commuter Northern Sector Shuttle Train Fare Table. Note: for folded bikes there is a charge of RM2/= per bike.

2. MYrapid operates bus routes, LRT (light rail transit) and MRT (mass rapid transport) lines for the Greater Kuala Lumpur and it's neighbouring areas. Unbagged folded bikes are allowed onto these trains.
a. The LRT provides service for the following lines comprising the Ampang LineSri Petaling LineKelana Jaya Line:
- click here for LRT train frequency.
b. A future LRT line is being planned to serve between Bandar Utama and Klang called the LRT-BKL line. and is planned to be operational by end-August 2020.
click here for LRT-BKL proposed train routes
c. The MRT line runs from Sungai Buloh to Kajang under their MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Lines (SBK):
click here for MRT-SBK train frequency.
d. A second MRT line the Sungai Buloh to Serdang to Putrajaya , the MRT-SSPPhase 1 of this line between Kwasa Damansara and Kampung Batu expected to be operational by July 2021. The remaining line is expected to be operational in 2022.
click here for MRT-SSP proposed train routes.
e. Myrapid bus routes serves the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kuantan and Bandar Sunway.
 - click here for Rapid KL bus routes and operating hours.
 - click here for Rapid Penang bus routes.
click here for BRT Sunway bus routes.
f. The KL Monorail Train serves a loop from KL Sentral to Titiwangsa

    UPDATE 17-Mar-2016: Based on feedback from friends - take note that the monorail services does not allow bicycles, even if bagged, into their trains.

3. Trains from Padang Besar to Hat Yai.
The following are trains that run this route:
a. KTM train #20, Padang Besar to Hat Yai - 1020hrs to 1120hrs, fare is Rm11-00.
b. a. KTM train #21, Hat Yai to Padang Besar - 1600hrs to 1800hrs, fare is Rm13-00.
c. The Padang Besar to Hat Yai shuttle train:
The fare is 80 Bahts and tickets can be purchased at either station on the day of travel.
    Only two trains per day; for other times it one can take the vans that runs between Padang Besar and Hat Yai.

4. Gemas To Johor Bharu Shuttle Train.
Pending the completion of the Southern section of electrified double-track railway, presently the ETS only reaches till Gemas. There is a commuter shuttle train that runs from Gemas to Johor Bharu; below are the train timetables.
The timetable for the Gemas to Johor Bharu shuttle train:

The timetable for the Johor Bharu to Gemas shuttle train:
On reaching Johor Bharu to go over to Singapore, use the Tebrau Shuttle which runs from JB Sentral to Woodlands, Singapore: see (5) below for the timetable of this train.

5. Tebrau Shuttle to Woodlands, Singapore.
KTM operates a normal-speed diesel train down to Singapore (click here to see the blog on this train). Note that this train does not terminate it's route at Woodlands, Singapore any more. Instead the train ends at JB Sentral. A new service, the Tebrau Shuttle train runs from JB Sentral  to Woodlands.

Tickets purchased from through KTM Intranet for the JB Sentral to Woodlands route is at RM5-00.


The new coaches are air-conditioned, clean and comfortable. Half the seats face one direction while the other half faces the other. On both sides are overhead racks for light luggage; while to one end is a standing rack for large luggage. At the rack end, three sets (of four seats each) face each other with a fixed small table in between. On the other end are a pair of two seats with a fixed small table each. Other seats have fold-in tables.

The seats can recline up to 30-degrees and the arm rests can be folded up.

Power socket outlet points are provided below the seats, there is however only one point to be shared by each pair of seat. Being below the seats, the point are rather difficult to access.

Dining facilities are provided by a small cafeteria at one end of Coach C.

The menu is quite limited though. There is no restriction in bringing your own food in.

On one end of each coach are toilets; these are fairly clean. The windows in the toilets are locked. At Coach D is a toilet for the disabled.

At each end of every coach are TV monitors. This alternate between providing in-house movies and providing information. Announcement are made over the PA system five minutes before the arrival at the next station.

The train provides WiFi which has strong signal strength and was easy to connect to. However we found that it was virtually impossible to upload or download data. Perhaps KTM can improve on this.

Let's look at some other points that will possibly ease travelling with your bike on the ETS.
- Always remember that we are not the only people travelling on the trains.
- Try not to be a nuisance to other travelers by being quiet as some may be taking a snooze.
Do not obstruct the aisle of the train. If this is not possible, give way to other passengers when needed.
- Be courteous with the train staff whether it be the station-master or a porter, remember that they are just doing their job. Rudeness will get one nowhere and there is no point arguing unnecessarily. 

2. Try to be as knowledgeable of train regulations as possible. Click here for the link to the rules & regulations posted by KTM. This link may not work as their posting is updated regularly, alternatively go to KTM's Home Page and at the top click on "Terms & Conditions". From the pull down menu select "Syarat-syarat Pengankutan Penumpang".

3. Bag your bikes in opaque bags.

4. Book your ticket early, especially during holiday or festive seasons, BUT bear in mind that tickets can only be booked earliest 30 days prior to the travel date. For on-line booking go to KTM website -; one need to register as a member first.

5. If travelling in a large group, it could be a good idea to spread out your seating to several coaches so as not to cause obstruction to other passengers.

6. Announcements will be made just prior to reaching a station. This will be a good time to start un-strapping your bikes and prepare to disembark as the train stops for only a short while.

7. Depending on the direction of travel, one may disembark from the train onto a platform away from the exit point of the station. There are pedestrian bridges spanning above the railway tracks to connect over to the exit gates.
At most large stations there are lifts going up to the pedestrian bridges. Take advantage of these so as to avoid carrying your bikes up and down the staircases.

Ipoh Railway Station
I do encourage travelling by KTM's ETS Intercity train as part of a cyclo-adventure. One can just pop off at any of the scheduled transit stops and start riding; and then take the train back from another station. Or stay overnight to explore nearby areas and return home the next day.
Whichever the case is RIDE WELL & RIDE SAFE; enjoy yourselves.
Should you have similar experience with travelling via the ETS, and have some tips to give do feel free to comment and let us know.

The following are useful web-sites with regards to travelling by train:
1. KTM E-ticketing - for purchasing tickets on line. Note: you will have to register as a member, registration is free. This DOES NOT include the commuter trains.
    - Some cyclists seem to have difficulty booking tickets through this site; alternatively one can book train tickets through the following booking sites (although some complained that the tickets booked through this sites cost more, do give your feedback):
2. KTM ETS Intercity Train Timetable & Fares  - this is a link for the ETS time-table & fares.
3. Official Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) Website - the official site with links to the various services offered by the railway and more importantly their latest announcements.
4. KTM Komuter - link to the KTM Commuter web-site, operator of commuter train services in the Klang Valley and the Padang Besar-Butterworth sector.
5. MRT Corp. - provider of mass transit rail & bus system in Greater Kuala Lumpur area.
6. My Rapid - site that provides Kuala Lumpur Monorail and bus services for some Malaysian towns.
7. Express Rail Service (ERL) - Link to the express rail service from KL Sentral to Kuala Lumpur International (KLIA & KLIA2)
8. Klang Valley Transit Map map showing the railway lines servicing the Klang Valley and the various stations en-route. This include the ERL, the line from Sentral to Kuala Lumpur International (KLIA) airport.
9. Link to - a site that provides info on rail travel in Malaysian, Singapore & Thailand.
10. Wikipedia on Keretapi Tanah Melayu - this gives some useful information on the history of the railway, some routes, rolling stock, etc.
11. Touch n' Go Card - Link to this debit card that can be used for transit. 

I will try to update on the latest changes in policies, should you have any updates/news to share, please share by posting comments below OR write to me on these changes.

UPDATE 10-May-2017:
KTM has announce that bicycles on any kind (including foldies) are not allowed on the 
Commuter Northern Sector Shuttle Train route from Butterworth to Padang Besar and vice versa. This is due to high traffic along this sector.

MAJOR UPDATE 29-Jun-2016:
KTM has quietly through their FAQ section changed their policy on bringing foldies onto the ETS and the regular inter-city train services. These changes which would make it costly and difficult for impromptu bringing of bikes onto the trains are:
- Tickets cannot be bought on line through the KTM Intranet link. Instead, users will have to apply via email or an application letter (no later than 14 days prior to the travel date) to one of the following marketing personnel: Marketing manager,  marketing executives & or reservation assistant The marketing section other contacts are Enquiries: +603-2279 8852 and Fax: +603-2279 8850 Pertanyaan.
- Bikes (either folded or dismantle-able) are to weigh no more than 15kg and should be bagged.
- Only twelve bikes are allowed be train and on top of that only two bikes per coach.
- Charges will be levied per bike at RM10/- per 150km of train journey or part thereof.
- KTM will not be responsible for any damage or lost of the bicycles.
This time and cost restrictions are indeed moves that will discourage bikers from using the KTM's train for their travels. In fact it could be easier to book airline tickets or even cheaper to travel by air. For those travelling to major cities an alternative (an probably cheaper and faster way) would be to travel by Malindo Air which allows 15kg luggage inclusive of foldies.

UPDATE 17-Mar-2016: Some friends have informed that they have taken their full sized bicycles into the trains. The advice on this is to bag the bike; if necessary to take out the wheels in order to fit into the bag, and store the bike at a position that does not obstruct access. This is good news, and we do hope that KTM will make this their official position.

UPDATE July 2016: Looks like it won't be so convenient to travel with our bikes on the trains; KTM now charges for bringing bicycles onto the ETS Trains based on distance travelled. And there will be limitations on number of foldies allowed per service, this applies for the regular intercity trains too. (Update informed by reader Mika Yap).
1.Total of 12 foldies (or normal bikes that can be dis-assembled) per service.
2. Two bagged bicycles per coach.
3. Ticket reservations is through application via e-mail to KTM's Marketing Section no later than 14 days before the date of travel.

"Fare" for the bicycles are RM10 for each 150km of the train journey.

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  1. Thank you for compiling this comprehensive information. Well done!

    1. Hi Akmal,
      You are most welcomed and hope it will be helpful to you.

  2. FYI, I took the liberty of sharing your blog post in here:

  3. FYI, I took the liberty of sharing your blog post in here:

    1. No problems, it's always great to share and help each other.
      Have a good day!

  4. Thank you for sharing. How can I join you?

    1. Hi Siew Yang,
      Depends on what you want to join.

  5. Thank you for the info, very helpful!

    1. You are most welcomed.
      Do note that there has been some changes in the REGULAR TRAIN KTM's route:
      1. The northern route does not go up to Hat Yai and stop and Padang Besar.
      2. The southern route does not reach JB and stop at Gemas (I think there is a shuttle train from there)

      I have to double check on this and update accordingly.


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thank you for your information and most recent updates. I am "shocked" KTM is now making it very inconvenient for people to bring that foldable bicycles in the ETS trains. How does one make a booking through email? Will they accept credit card? The 14 days advance rule is really unfriendly! What happens to people who did not know about their new policy and bought normal tickets to go on a trip with their foldable bike? The only good thing that has come out of KTM (policy discussion) is that now they allow full size bike to be brought into their Kommuter trains.

    1. Hi Peter!

      I am not to sure about getting around booking tickets by email. So am not able to help you with this, perhaps you could give them a call for some advise.
      Most of us now bag our bikes, although when in small groups I don't.

    2. I tried calling their customer service number three times today to enquire about their Kommuter Bike program. I only got their machine talking to me and then it hanged up!

      Yeah, I was wondering if you bagged your bike, will they even know there is a bicycle and bother you with the new 14 days book in advance policy for bicycle?

    3. So far some have managed to get in with bagged bikes, although there is a risk of being prevented from taking and missing the train. It's best not to go into the train in large groups. Spread out into different coaches when there are many.
      This step by KTM seems to run contrary to other ministries concept for pushing for a healthier lifestyle. Same thing goes for customs who can impose taxes on bringing folding bicycles in.

  8. I think they are doing this not because they want to make money. After all it is a small sum to them. I think they are doing this as a mechanism to control the number of bicycles that goes into the train and may cause havoc and congestion of space inside their train. Malaysian's love group activities and when a large group of cyclists all bring their bicycles at the same time, it made them devise such a policy.

    1. There is probably the difficulty of insurance too.

  9. How so on the insurance bit?

    The commuter trains now charges RM$2 per bike. No booking is necessary. If you don't tell them you are carrying a bike or they don't notice the bike in the bag, I guess it is a non-issue. Due to the way our stations are designed, even though if you are allowed to push a full size bike into the train, you will face a hard time making it to the platform without first dismantling the bike.

    1. I was just speculating on the insurance bit. Perhaps they had to upgrade their insurance for coverage on incidents involving bikes on their trains.
      Yes, with regards to bagging bike and taking them in, I guess some have done that.
      As for full size bikes, they would be difficulty if the boarding platform is on the other side of the tracks and lifts are not working. Strong ones can carry their bikes up/down the stairs.
      In our trip to South Korea, the cyclists just did that. See:

      Many thanks for your comments. And I always appreciate readers input in updating or correcting any facts that I could have got wrong.

      the AhPek Biker

  10. Regarding UPDATE 10-May-2017: "In a nice reversal of their policy, KTM has allowed bagged foldies on the ETS without additional charges." Is there an official place/website to refer to this notice? Does one still have to book through email 14 days ahead? Thank you.

    ~ Peter

    1. Hi Peter,
      I have tried to search the net for any latest update release by KTM on this matter but could not find any.
      So officially, there stand seem to be the same.
      Unoffically, we have been allowed to bring our folde bikes in and there is no charges as long as they are bagged.
      What we can do to help other cyclists is to maintain our disclipine when in the trains, such as not obstructing other passengers or disrupting any service.

  11. Same question the the reversed policy, I was stopped by the officer and he show me the sign that all bicycle including folding bike even bagged, is not allow. I paid extra RM40 extra for my bagged foldie. Do u have any links update fregarding this policy? So I can save and show the officers or my return trip 3 days later

    1. Hi!
      It is most unfortunate bad news that KTM has now banned any bicycles from their trains, be it the ETS or the regular Intercity trains.
      Prior to you comment, I have already updated this. See the top most update.

    2. Hi there (unknown),

      May we know where you were stopped and where were you travelling to? What type of service were you using? (Kommuter? ETS? etc...)

      Thank you.

    3. Hi JZ,

      Is it official KTM has banned bicycles on trains? Any link that is official about this development?

      Thank you.

    4. Hi, Peter.
      I have not searched the KTM site for official notices.
      Feed back were from cyclists who were stopped and also shown th signages.

    5. Hi JZ,

      It depends which type of service and where you are travelling to:

      This is why I asked "unknown" to tell us where he was stopped!

    6. Thanks Peter for that link.
      Could that link refer to the Komuter trains, the conditions posted there looks very similar to that for the Komuter.

    7. Yes that is so. I have taken my bike in the Komuter trains from Butterworth to down south (up to Padang Rengas) and back north to Butterworth and so far not an issue yet. (However, the same komuter do not allow bikes from Butterworth to the Malaysian-Thai Border) The komuter service with bikes was also fine when I used it.

    8. Well done Peter.
      To bad that except for the Komuter and Klang Valley MRT, bike-train adventures are now limited.

    9. i'm planning to take my road bike from Butterworth back to Kuala Lumpur. So if I take regular Komuter trains it would be ok? thanks.

    10. Lokto, The Komuter does not have service from Butterwort to KL. There is one from Butterworth to Taiping/ Kamunting. And from Ipoh to KL. So to close the gap between Taiping and Ipoh, it's by bus perhaps.
      See Peters comment above on taking bikes onto Komuter trains.

    11. got it. thanks a lot for sharing your tips!

  12. If I bring a bike bag Scicon Aerocomfort and start my trip from a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, how do I send it to a hotel in Penang and fly out there? thank you.

    1. I presume that you will be cycling from KL to Penang.
      This was what we did in Seoul, Korea. On arrival at the airport we packed all our bags into one bag and had it forwarded to our last stay, a motel in Busan. We had wrote in earlier to get the motel's permission.
      You could do likewise. Check out forwarding agents (eg DHL) nearest to you stay in KL and have them forward you Scicion bike bag to your hotel in Penang. Best to write to Penang hotel and inform them to anticipate delivery and keep for you. If hotel does not provide this service, then forward to the nearest DHL office.

      Hope this helps.

    2. ah that's good to know b'cos I'm also planning to ride that route in Korea in reverse. Is the same service available at Gimhae Intl Airport?

      and now I think I will not go to Penang but to ride up Fraser's Hill, then next day climb up Cameron Highlands and then try to go back to KL the third day... that should skip all trains apart from the ones between KL Intl Airport and Sentral KL.

      I think it's ok to use the train between airport and Sentral KL with my Scicon, right?

    3. Lokto,
      I am not sure whether the service is available at Gimhae. Perhaps you could check the airport's website and see. If they do, please do update me! Thanks.

      Aawwww.... don't miss Penang or else you will be missing a beautiful place and plenty of good food.
      I believe the ETS allows bagged bike in. Bus and trains operated by MyRapid lets foldies in even without folding.

    4. Yea I've been there before but without my bike. I think I will plan another trip for Penang and Langkawi to make things simpler.

  13. Anyone tried doing both Genting Highlands and Fraser's Hill in one day?

    1. Tough one this. A cycleable route would be from GH to Genting Sempah then using the old trunk road to Bentong, Raub and onwards to Fraser's. The stretch from GH down to GS is dangerous, steep with lots of sharp bends, would not advise doing that. Also no cycling is allowed from GH down to the police checkpoint.
      Alternative is to use the road from Gohtong Jaya down to Batang Kali then along the old trunk road to Kuala Kubu Baru and then up to Fraser's

    2. For your reference, a blog that we did from Batang Kali to Genting Highlands:

    3. Ah... good to know. The route via Batang Kali > Kuala Kubu Baru > Fraser's Hill is exactly what I have planned.

      How about that GH down to the police checkpoint thing? Does it mean I could ride up to somewhere near First World but need to take a transport back down to Gohtong Jaya roundabout to continue the ride?

      Many many thanks for your tips!

    4. Perhaps you could write to Genting Highlands management and request for special permission.

    5. Since I don't know which section of GH to Gohtong Jaya is prohibited, I think I'd cut short of it and not doing the GH at all. Thanks a lot.

    6. Whatever the case is, enjoy yourself. Ride Well and Ride Safe.

  14. The planned route is like that... does it make sense?

    1. Looks good. But do take care when cycling up from Genting Sempah to Genting Highlands watch out for cars and tourist buses they may speed quite fast. Wear a face mask too as the smell of burning rubber from cars braking can be strong.
      I would suggest doing this stretch on a weekday when traffic is not so heavy.

  15. one more thing, as a Chinese foreigner, what is dangerous and what should I avoid? thanks a lot.

    1. As in any country you visit, respect the culture and religion of the people.
      Malaysians are generally polite and helpful, especially in the rural areas.
      If cycling alone, try not to do it at night. And if you see motorcyclists tailing you, do be careful.
      At more remote are, it's always good to drop by at police stations and say hello to them and inform them of your plans.
      Learn some basic Malay words like Selamat Hari, Terima Kasih, etc.

  16. Very comprehensive write up for travel via ETS with foldies.
    Great job.
    I do plan to purchase foldies (my first bike). Any recommendation?

    1. I am using a Brompton, my first one is more than 8 years old and still serving me well.
      They are a bit pricey at RM7k plus but is a worthwhile investment. Presently hard to get because production affected by Covid.
      For those looking for something similar, there is the Pike at RM2k plust.
      Quality wise a lot of difference, price also a lot of difference.