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Kuala Lumpur : Veemer Charity Bike Ride - Riding With The Beauties!

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Veemer Charity Ride
Old Klang Road to Kuala Lumpur City Centre : 30th September 2012
Charity Leisure Ride from Saville Old Klang Road > Kuala Lumpur City Centre > Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad & back.
Distance covered : 23.10km.
Starting Time : 8:30am
Time Taken : approx. 2hrs. 20mins. (excluding stops)

Veemer Charity Ride Route Map  (click for Map Link)
I always like attending charity rides, they are like social events where one gets to meet up with old friends & make new ones; and we get to do our bit for charity too. The previous (and first) charity bike ride I attended was the Minivelor Charity Ride held in Penang.

Now, this one had an added bonus, some of the Miss World/Malaysia 2012 winners will be there! This will definitely spice up things amongst the riders!
And it sure did, they were lots of excitement to have photos taken with these beauties, one does not get to be near these flowers even when attending the beauty contests. Surprisingly even the lady bikers were excited by this opportunity. So many registered for the event through the BAiKBiKe.com portal.

The event was officially called the Veemer Motors Charity Ride 2012 and was jointly organized by Veemer Motors with the Pedalholics Cycling Club. The funds raised would be donated to the Malaysian Aids Foundation.

Unfortunately the day before I was involved in a nasty accident during the Gangnam Ride and suffered some injuries (see Safety Considerations #3). My injuries although not serious left me with lacerations on by face and some bruises to my knees and an elbow. I was wondering whether I should be attending the ride in this condition.

But I could still cycle, my bike was not damaged AND this was not an opportunity to be missed... ^_*.    Hmmm... let me think about it for a moment... Ok. Done thinking about it...  Let's go cycling!

The Friends

Did I mention meeting up with old friends, so many came that I did not have the chance to have a proper talk to all of them, my apologies :

Jimmy Chow, Nash Abraham, Wong Chun Yen, Keeve Lee

L-R: Anne CK Cheong, Yakumo Chie, Yong Sin Ng, Lim Hui Min

Eddie Tan and Samuel Wo

Chung Tze Yang, Kellie Itoe and SC Chin.

Sin Tai Lim, Mohd Radzi Mohd Nor and Nash Abraham.

Kookkeong Fong, Kimmiskie Lim (Oops.. sorry just her back), and on far right SC Chin

The ORI Team :

And making new friends :

Phang Chin Kiat and gang.

The Foldie Me Team

Christian Blessing

Dave Ern

Edward Chan

The Mountain Bikers

And the Miss World Malaysia 2012 Beauties who rode with us :

2nd Runner-up Jocelyn Leong (far left), Miss Malaysia World 2012 Lee Yvonne (2nd from right) and 4th Runner-up Tashreen Kaur (far right). The person second from left look like a beauty too - Yeah? Nash? Nice shades!

Many took their turns to be photographed with the beauties, and I did get mine. It was like Beauty & the Beast, but the girls were very sporting and did not shy away from by scarred face. I was the one who was more self-conscious. I guess having compassion is one of the traits to being a winner.

 The Ride

This being an event organised by Veemer (the Malaysian distributor of Volkswagen cars), the vehicles used for the lead, support cars, etc. were very nice and beautiful cars - like this outstanding red Volkswagen used for the Lead Car.

And this convertible Volkswagen Support Car.

And this Volkswagen van used for the media.

The St. John's Ambulance following the riders closely in case of any emergency.

And police outriders were clearing the way for the riders, stopping other vehicles until the ride group had passed through.

And..... it's the kick-off!

Riders a-line at Old Klang Road

Further, just before Vikas International School, we did a U-turn to head for the city via the Federal Highway and Brickfields.

Soon we were heading up to the Federal Highway, and getting into momentum of riding.

Riding along the Federal Highway, the outriders had cleared the traffic. Devoid of other vehicles, we felt we owned the road - it was exhilarating, riding without worries of cars or motorcycles zooming by fast.

From there we turned into Jalan Tun Sambanthan (formely Brickfields), the skyscrapers of the Sentral looming in the foreground.

At Brickfields we had a short stop for a re-grouping. Of course the Beauties led this regroup effort and most of the riders were happy for this quick pause, to be able to get near them again.

We continued on passing by the Klang Bus Station, the towering high-rise offices of the Central Business District ahead. To our right I could spy the Petronas Twin Towers; our mid-stop destination.

Entering into Jalan Pudu, the Puduraya Bus Terminal was on our right.
Our route from here will be Jln Pudu>Jln Pasar>Jln Yew>Jln Kampong Pandan>Jln Sultan Ismail>Jln Ampang>Jln P Ramlee>KLCC.

But let's take a moment's pause to look at the riders.

A very determined looking young boy rider!

An even younger boy and with an even more serious determined look. How he managed to complete the 23km ride in a kiddie bicycle is AmaZing! ..... surely a future champion in the making.

A little girl rider... and all geared in in riding jersey and pants, pink bandanna, pink helmet & pink gloves - nice color coordination there.

And a big girl on a little bike. Compare this with the little girl on a bigger bike, above. See any similarities? Yes! The PINK!

Whoa! A father with his young toddler! Really starting them young, if one cannot ride one can always have that nice wind-in-the-face feeling. And a brolly to protect the young 'un from the hot sun too!

A helping hand from father... but seriously this young chap cylced himself most of the way, only needed that paternal help for some of the slopey stretch.

"Don't worry darling, we can make it!" and with that he put a loving hand to help her along.

A biker taking on an extra burden to send a serious message to other road-users.

Father & daughter riding tandem... Hmmm... interesting conversion from racer to tandem.

German Army & U.S. Army riding together (look at their helmets). The war is long over, so no problems, we ride together... Peace!

And the Beauties rode with us...
Miss Malaysia World 2012 Lee Yvonne

Miss World Malaysia 2nd Runner-up, Jocelyn Leong. And she's a fellow blogger too (see coco). Her blogs are so colorful, lively and vibrant when compared to this AhPek's poor effort - (Ok. Point of note to myself here, see how others do it. Look & Learn!)

And Miss World Malaysia 4th Runner-up, Ms Tash.

At KLCC, we made a scheduled stop for refreshing, regrouping....

... and more photo ops with the beauties. "ok... your turn... my turn next!"

Rest, refreshed and time to ride again. This area is just so green and shady, just good for re-warming up again.
The route will then be KLCC>Jln Pinang>Jln Kia Peng>Jln Raja Chulan>Jln Sultan Ismail>Jln Raja Chulan>Jln Tun Perak>Jln Raja

Reaching Jalan Raja, we rode by the Selangor Pandang.

Where we stopped in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building for a final regrouping and some more photo ops.

Photos of beautiful lasses at beautiful landmark buildings, must say it's a very well balanced ride.

Ok... ok... mustn't forget about the photo with the lasses.

Continuing on, at Jalan Kuching we rode by the old KTM railway station with its stately Moorish minarets.

And were back at the Federal Highway, having THAT road all to ourselves again. Whooo! That "we own the road" exhilarating feeling again too!

And... and all too soon we were back at the finishing point, the ride with pretty lasses to interesting landmarks was over.

The organizers even provided delicious Nyonya cakes and 100-Plus isotonic drinks for our refreshment. That curry puff is tasty isn't it, Ms. Tash?
Inside, at a hall, souvenir items, T-shirts, etc. were being sold to raise even more for the Charity. And the bicycles rode by the Beauties were auctioned off too... and at a good price!

All registered participants even got a souvenir jersey! All this for only RM30-00, and the opportunity to do our part for charity.

Well Done! Organizers and Sponsors. A very much appreciative "Thank You" to you all.

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  1. great!

    this ride seems to be more fun and relaxing than the OCBC ride malaysia..
    nice route around town as well.
    for RM 30, much cheaper than ocbc ride, and they say its for charity....

    1. Oh! Great!
      You will be cycling OCBC 2013?

      I signed up for the CHALLENGE even though I will be using a foldie.
      Gian the jersey Heh! Heh!

  2. hi JT..

    I was trying to figure out what bicycle is the cyclist on the right riding...
    custom?? mini velo, with big tyres, suspension? disc brake.. drop bars..
    do you have more pic of him??


    1. ok, i think it is a modified doppelganger....

    2. His name is Phang Chin Keat. FB page https://www.facebook.com/phangchinkiat
      There are more photos of him & his bikes there.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your cycling adventures! It all started from stumbling upon your Sekinchan adventure. Your rides stirred the hibernating interest I have for cycling. Thanks! Keep riding & posting!

    1. Hi Sukhi,
      Thanks for reading my blogs.
      I do hope that they have stirred enough interest in you to take up cycling.
      And if they have, I do hope you can join us one day.
      There are so much to be seen why cycling.
      So many beautiful sceneries, nice plants and flowers too.

      the AhPek Biker.