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Perak Malaysia Cycling Route Maps

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Perak Malaysia Cycling Route Maps
Below are maps of routes that my cycling buddies & me cycled in Perak. These were routes we cycled in several towns of the state and also some routes in between towns.
Click on relevant screen zoom rectangle (at the top right hand corner of each map) to go to the respective route map:

Ayer Tawar To Taiping Perak Cycling Route Map (90.67km)
Cycling route: : Ayer Tawar>Kg. Merebau>Pantai Remis>Trong>Changkat Jering>Taiping.
The route mostly runs on slightly busier main roads and is fairly flat except for some gentle slope stretches around Kg. Merebau and along the approach to Taiping from Changkat Jering.
Distance: 90.67 km.     Level: Medium

Hutan Melintang To Ayer Tawar Perak Cycling Route Map (77.37km)
The route runs still runs mainly along less busy rural roads, until we hit the busier Route 5 just after Kg. Kota Setia. There is an intresting boat crossing of the Perak River at Kampung Sungai Dulang.
Distance: 77.37 km.     Level: Medium

Short Ride Around Ipoh City Perak Cycling Route Map (15.7km)
Cycling Route: Starting from the Ipoh City Hall the route goes along Jalan Raja Dihilir towards Tambun, along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah then making a right turn into Jalan Dr. Nazrin Shah heading for Ipoh Old Town and back to the City Hall.
Distance: 10.75 km.     Level: Easy

Ipoh To Buntong Perak Cycling Route Map (9.13km)
Cycling Route: Ipoh Old Town>Buntong.
Distance: 9.13 km.     Level: Easy

Ipoh To Teluk Intan Perak Cycling Route Map (108.7km)

Starting early in the morning with a quick ride around Ipoh Town, we will head to Teluk Intan. En route we will stop at a couple of tourist spots and lunch at Tanjung Tualang before continuing on via Kampung Gajah. After checking into our hotels we did a night ride around Teluk Itan town and had a good seafood dinner.
Distance: 108.70 km.     Level: Hard

Kampar To Chendriang Perak Cycling Route Map (52.93km)

Cycling Route: Kampar>Chenderiang>Hebron Organic Farm>Sungai Salu Forest Reserve>Kampar.
The ride will take us from Kampar to Chenderiang via the main trunk road then to a visit of the Hebron Organic Farm, and then back to Kampar via Road 118. Generally, the route was relatively flat as we road round Gunung Tempurung instead of across it.
Distance: 52.93.70 km.     Level: Medium

Kampar To Batu Gajah To Ipoh Perak Cycling Route Map (79.74km)

Cycling Route: Kuala Lumpur>Kampar>Tanjung Tualang>Batu Gajah>Ipoh
Distance: 79.74 km.     Level: Hard

Starting from Kuala Lumpur, we will be taking the ETS train with our bikes to Kampar. From there we will kick off our ride to Ipoh with an early prawny lunch at Tanjung Tualang. Along there way we will have some successful and unsuccessful destinations. Like cowboys of old, we will be riding our iron-horses on a short tour of the Perak, the Silver State.

Kuala Kangsar to Lenggong & Tasik Raban Perak Cycling Route Map (39.53km)
Distance: 39.53 km     Level: Medium.
The route mostly runs mostly along shady rural kampong roads. On some stretches it goes onto trunk roads which are less shady. Enroute it passes through Tasik Raban, a beautiful scenic lake. A short stretch is along cycling lanes of Kampong Kota Lama Kanan.

Kuala Kangsar to Sauk & the Vicotria Bridge Perak Cycling Route Map (59.68km)
Distance: 59.68 km.     Level: Medium
The route will take us across a couple of renowned bridges to the lovely kampong villages and padi fields of Kampong Kota Lama Kanan before a long photo-opp stop at the Victoria Bridge and then onwards to Sauk. Most of the route were along rural roads with a bit of off road cycling at the padi fields.


Kuala Sepetang To Butterworth Perak Penang Cycling Route Map (118.50km)
Distance: 118.50 km.     Level: Hard
This is the route from Kuala Sepetang to Butterworth; for the most it is along quite rural roads (from Selinsing to Nibong Tebal). Other than that if follows the old trunk road (Federal Route 1).

Lenggong To Kuala Kangsar Perak Cycling Route Map (37.20km)

Distance: 37.20 km     Level: Medium.
Time : 8:10 am to 12:00pm
Time Taken : 3 hours 50 mins. (including stops for brunch, and photo opps at the Tasik Raban, etc ; rest and regroup).

Parit Buntar To Taiping Perak Cycling Route Map (90.44km)

Ride Route : Parit Buntar>Bagan Tiang>Tanjung Piandang>Kuala Kurau>Kuala Gula>Kuala Sangga>Kuala Sepetang
This REALLY is a multi-mode expedition. From Kuala Lumpur we took a night train up to Parit Buntar to start cycling. From Kuala Gula to Kuala Sangga and then onwards to Kuala Sepetang we were in boats. Later, after cycling from Kuala Sepetang to Taiping we took a bus over to Ipoh for some riding there too. We then took the ETS train back to Tanjung Malim and then a taxi back to Kuala Lumpur.
Distance: 90.44 km.     Level: Medium

Taiping Perak To Parit Buntar Cycling Route Map (60.06km)

Ride Route Taiping>Kuala Sepetang>by boat>Kuala Gula>Kuala Kurau>the Bund>Tanjung Piandang>Parit Buntar.
The route is a multi-mode one with a boat ride from Kuala Sepetang to Kuala Gula, and a train ride back to Taiping and Kuala Lumpur. This time round, instead of several motorised sampans, we took one larger tour boat that could fit all of us and our bikes in.
Distance: 60.06.44 km.     Level: Medium

Taiping To Penang Perak Cycling Route Map (107.27 km)
 Cycling route: : Taiping>Kamunting>Selinsing>Bagan Serai>Nibong Tebal>Sungai Bakap>Bukit Minyak>Prai>Penang Island.
Cycling Distance: 107.27 km.     Level: Hard
The route mostly runs on Federal Route 1, a major trunk road. It is fairly flat but is usually busy with traffic; there are emergency lanes to ride on but at times these disappear so do ride with care.

Around Teluk Intan Perak Cycling Route Map (108.7km)

Cycling Route: This is a quick stint around down-town Teluk Intan to grab some breakfast, view the renown Leaning Clock Tower and do some shopping for biscuits. After cycling around the town; the younger ones will ride to Kampar and take a ETS train back to Kuala Lumpur.
Distance: 6.54 km.     Level: Easy


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