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Cycling In Sabah 2015 - To The Tip Of Borneo

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Cycling Sabah 2015 - To The Tip Of Borneo
Kota Kinabalu to The Tip of Borneo: 11th - 17th November 2015

Having had cycled in Sarawak about six months back during the Gawai Festival, I had thoughts about cycling in the other state in East Malaysia; I had thoughts about cycling in the Land Below The Wind - Sabah. But then none of my friends seems to be organising some cycling trip over to Sabah, so I thought to myself why not organise one myself.
With just a basic idea of cycling from Kota Kinabalu (KK) to Kudat, I invited some friends to join me. In the end eleven of us would be heading for an adventure there.

Okay, first a confession: I am new at organising cycle tours, especially one that would entail bringing our bikes overseas (Sabah though in Malaysia is two & half hours flight across the South China Sea). I was most fortunate to have a few of my buddies and my brother Anslem to help me out, so in the end the success of the trip was more of a team effort.
My original plan was to just a basic one: i.e. cycle from KK to Kudat. It was a long distance between the two towns, more than two hundred kilometers. That would be difficult to cover in one day using our folding bikes, so somewhere in between a break for a night would be required. I had thought about breaking the journey at Kota Belud, but my brother who is resident to Sabah advised stopping over at Langkon, a smaller town about 120km. from KK. He also advised staying at the Tip of Borneo instead of Kudat. Also by buddy Baki, having gone over to the state a few times and had good contacts there, chipped in to help. Slowly but surely a more proper plan than one of cycling from Point A to Point B began to form.

And from an initial plan of going there for 4-5 days, it became a one week tour that would include flying over there, cycling, van rides, bus rides, boat and ferry rides and scuba diving too. Scuba diving, that's not cycling izzit? Yes, this AhPek of more than five decades old will be doing his debut scuba diving; and as another buddy pointed out, it's just like cycling except it's pedalling in the sea.... and er..... without a bicycle "grins".

At the Tip of Borneo (the northernmost tip of Borneo Island).
With Anslem's and Baki's input on his previous trips, our final program became:
Day 1- Fly from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu.
Day 2 - Cycle from KK to Langkon.
Day 3 - Cycle from Langkon to the Tip Of Borneo (TOB).
Day 4 - By vans from TOB to Kudat and then ferry over to Pulau Banggi. Afternoon scuba diving/snorkelling at Pulau Banggi.
Day 5 - By coaster bus from Kudat to KK.
Day 6 - Free day at KK.
Day 7- Free morning at KK then fly back to KL.

Arrangements for vans, bus transport, and accommodations at Langkon and the TOB were done by Anslem. Baki arranged for accomodations in KK, and the full package of accommodations, ferry, dive-boats and diving gears with his contacts in Pulau Banggi. Sooi Ying became our very efficient treasurer with Jui Li as her cashier. Jason, Sin were our photographers and there were other hidden talents in our group (which we will come to later). We all had our smiles, cheers; and blood, sweat and tears too!


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