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Malacca : Happy Cycling KiP Mart Ride

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Malacca : Happy Cycling KiP Mart Ride
Day 2 - Malacca 24th August 2014 
Large Group Ride : Day 1 - Around Malacca City>Batu Berendam>Malacca City
Distance : 12.6 km.
Time : 9:15 am - 12:30 pm
Duration : 3 hrs. 15 mins. (including long stop at KiP for their opening, regrouping, lunch.)

Route Recommendations:
1. The route is a ride from Malacca's Historic Centre to the KiP Mart new outlet at Batu Berendam. It passes through a couple of fly-overs.
2. Traffic near the Malacca Sentral bus terminal is fairly heavy.
3. Near Kampung Pengkalan Rama Pantai a bridge crosses over the Malacca River; the river-side will becoming scenic as it is being landscaped and beautified as an extension of the riverside walkway from the Historic Centre.


Our Happy Cycling Group leader, Tailim (of the hApPy HaPpY blogs) had been contacted by the KiP Mart management to organize some bikers to attend and cycle at the opening of their new outlet at Batu Berendam, MalaccaKiP Mart will be sponsoring our stay and meals while we are down in there.
A week or so before; preparations were made (printing of event promotion T-shirts, installing the Jalur Gemilang to our bikes, booking of accommodation). Around forty of us will be in Malacca to support this event.

A day earlier we had arrived in Malacca, checked into the Casablanca Homestay and rode around the city with our Malaysian flags fluttering behind us.

As part of the promotion of KiP Mart, at key locations in the city, we unfurled their banner and took group photos.

We rode up to Ujung Pasir to have a delicious dinner at Aunty Lee Restaurant. They serve very good and authentic Nyonya food here. With that healthy dinner, we rode back to Casablanca where we stored our bikes and then took a night stroll around the Jonker Walk area. It was a good night that got us ready and pepped up for the main event today.

... while at the back is printed the KiP Mart Logo. We will be cycling around Malacca City to promote their opening.

As it will be just a week away from Hari Merdeka (Malaysia's Independence Day), we decided to fly the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysia's National Flag) from our bicycles and helmets for an early patriotic celebration. Flags were purchased together with poles for flying them attached to our bicycles. Here's Nash trying out a prototype.

We will ride from Malacca's Historic Centre to Batu Berendam. While trying to make the route longer for more exposure, we had to consider that there were children riding with us. So it was a balance between exposure and distance, with consideration for safety of the riders.

9:00 am - At the Casablanca car-park some of us gathered to take a group photo before rolling off.

With Nash leading us, we headed down Tengkera Road, passing by the old colonial-style houses. We are making a pass here so as to get exposure to different strata of Malacca society; from the old to the new, from younger ones to older people.

As we were leaving the old part of town, who did we see but our friend Baki Zainal, a 8TV personality with a program on cycling around Peninsular Malaysia.  He did mention that he would be busy and could not ride with us but will be with us in spirit. Now I understand, as there were posters of him lining the streets and we could not help but notice him.

There were a few children riding with us, and the adults were clear in escorting them closely to ensure there safety. We were fortunate as it's a Sunday today, and most stretches of the roads had less traffic.

With our Malaysian flags fluttering we definitely got the attention of the public, and with KiP Mart logo emblazoned a the back of our T-shirts they will be sure to be curious about the new place.

 Malaysia's Independence Day (Hari Merdeka) is one week away and the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysia's National Flag) were flying from the lamp-posts of the main roads, the flags on our bicycles and helmets added to the colour and festivities.

At certain stretches, especially near the flyover intersections, traffic were busy and we had do cycle single-file and with more care.

9:50 am - We arrive after a 7 km. ride through the older and newer parts of Malacca.

Nash took us on a "Victory: round the KiP Mart shopping complex...

... and we parked our bikes at one end to await the arrival of the VIPs.

We were quick to get on our bikes to ride in front of them to usher and welcome them in.

Group photo with KiP Mart VIPs.

There were others who were there to celebrate and also make this opening grander and more colourful; like this group on young Kompang musicians...

.... the Volkswagen car enthusiasts with their antique cars and vans.

... and other car enthusiasts with their souped-up cars.

Complimentary lunch of Marrybrown's fried chicken.

12:00 noon - We regrouped and started riding back to Casablanca, happy and satisfied with what we have carried out. Mission successful and on top of that no punctures and no mishaps.

Although the sun was blazing hot, we steadfastly cycled on, loyally flying both the Malaysian and Malaccan flags.

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