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Brompton Accessories #11 -Sausage Wrapping The Brompton

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(This blog is not a review, it's more on my foray in purchasing accessories for my 3rd Foldie - a Raw Lacquer Brompton P6R)
Sausage wrap the Brompton? Who in their right mind would want to wrap their Brompton like a sausage?

No, this blog is not about wrapping the Brompton like a giant sausage.

Nor is it about cling-wrapping a bicycle for air transport.

Black leather strap on yellow Brompton.
It's about wrapping the top tube (cross-bar) of the Brompton.
Is there any significance improvement to the Brompton? Well, most of us do it to improve the looks of the Brompton, give it a more rugged appearance. But for those who are using the solid rubber tires (or eraser tires as some of us jokingly call it - i.e. solid rubber like pencil erasers), it does help protect the top tube as the eraser tires touches the top tube when the bike is folded.

There are several ways of doing this. One is by using a single leather piece like the above, note that this one has the leather extending up to down tube. This way it protects the top tube when the folded Brompton is being carried.

The better way is to use leather straps (similar to the ones used for the handle bars) and slowly wrap it round. The wrap should be pulled tight and at the end a fabric or thin leather adhesive tape should be used to finish off. The above is of a brown leather strap on a Claret Brompton finished of with a fabric tape.

And this is of a black leather strap on a red Brompton finished off with a leather tape.

This one is a very rugged looking single piece leather on a black Brompton. Instead of a strap wrap this one has leather lace to secure it.

A trio of three Bromptons with red leather wrap.

Red leather strap wrap on this Arctic Blue-Orange Limited Edition Barcelona Brompton.

Red strap wrapping on a Limited Edition London Brompton.

Red leather strap wrapping on a raw lacquer Brompton with the Limited Edition 2012 World Traveller Brooks leather seat.

One of black on orange.
(Note that ball-garter strap thingy, well it's a useful bungee gizmo (... see more).

A bright blue wrapping have transformed a white Brompton something more noticeable. The owner of this bike have also the same bright blue strapped the vertical handle tube.

This black strap on an orange Brompton, though not made of leather comes with a handle grip that's convenient to carry the Brompton when folded.

A bright yellow strap goes well with a white Brompton.

Looks cool doesn't it?

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  1. hi, i am very interested with your bromprton modification (sausage wrapping). can you tell me where to buy the accessories. i am located in indonesia. thx.

    1. You can try I believe they may have stock, if not they can order for you. Just mention that the AhPek Biker referred you.

  2. reading this in 2019... good stuff!

  3. Hello, i like the concept, but how do you find this works in wet weather? Would the wet leather promote rust underneath?

    1. Hello Thomas,
      it works well in our tropical climate with heavy thunderstorms.
      If you notice most of these have small holes that let the leather breath and dry faster.

  4. It looks good. If it dries as you say I think i will do the same to my Brompton - a racing green S6R-X

    1. Great! Send me photos when you do that.
      Can send to the AhPek Biker Facebook page: