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Kuala Lumpur : KL Car Free Day 02-02-2014

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Kuala Lumpur Car Free Day 02-02-2014
Kuala Lumpur : 2nd February 2014
Distance Covered: Oops, sorry did not track the ride.
Time: 7:45 am to 3:25 pm Duration: 7hrs 40mins

Bicycle on the ferry to Pulau Ketam
I was first introduced to the Car Free concept when a few of us rode with Sam of Samosaurus Chronicles. It was World Car Free day in September 2012, then there were no Car-free zones designated in Kuala Lumpur for that day. It was just us then embracing the concept of not using cars. Travelling by bicycles, trains and ferries we rode from Brickfields to Pulau Ketam and back (... see blog). It was an eye-opening and diversified introduction to a good concept... and I was hooked.

Cyclists group photo during World Car Free Day 2013
Then on World Car Free Day, 22nd September 2013, Kuala Lumpur embraced the concept and had it's first car free day. Several roads in the Jalan Tengku Abdul Rahman area were closed for the morning; and cyclists, pedestrians, skate-boarders, roller bladers, etc. had a field day doing their thing without worry of being knocked down by cars or motor-cycles (... see blog).

Cyclist group photo during Kuala Lumpur's own first car free day in January 2014.
(Photo courtesy of Tailim)
On January 2014, Kuala Lumpur held it's own first car free day. Many of my cycling buddies took part; and due to some prior engagement, I missed this.
Many took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur this eventful morning (.. see blog at hApPy HaPpY). The Datuk Bandar (i.e. the Mayor) of Kuala Lumpur has lived up to the promise that he will have a monthly car free day in Kuala Lumpur. It's great of him!


I have missed the January ride, and now way am I going to miss this month's ride. A few of us met up at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and rode down to the designated car free zone as shown in the above map.

Siew Yung brought her dog along - it's not only us humans who will be enjoying the ride, Patchy will have a fun time with the breeze willowing through his fur.

As we entered the car free zone, the many cyclists that zoomed by us built up our excitement. The closure of the roads started at 7:30 am and we rode into the midst of it!
It was the third day of Chinese New Year and the red lanterns were still up, adding to the gaiety of the atmosphere.

At the start point, in front of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall Building, we stop to wait for other friends. One of them was Winson (of the Turn The Wheels blogs). He had come down all the way from Penang to join us.

Another friend was Kung. We had been in in touch on-line and this is the first time he is joining us. Hopefully he will join us for more rides in the future.

8:30am - We rode off on Jalan Raja Laut and loop back through Jalan Tengku Abdul Rahman, doing only one lap as the roads will be opened again at 9:30am.
Kuala Lumpur has taken the lead, hopefully other cities in Malaysia will follow suit!


I always like to attend these public events. The people who come did not just come to take advantage of the roads, but came to celebrate in their own way - like these group of cyclists costumed in Japanese, German and Red Army soldiers of World War 2.
At the start point, it was a fiesta!

And this three guys enacting themselves as the three comics from the P. Ramlee classic Bujang Lapok movie.

Mounted wardens from City Hall.

Sakura Asuka, Johari and their friends from the Harimau (that's Bahasa Malaysia for Tiger) Cycling Group. The name of their group is a clever play on the word Hari Hari Mahu, which means "Everyday Want" in Bahasa Malaysia. Guess they want to cycle everyday!

A roller-blader with ski poles to help him along.

The group from WOWYikeBikes.

The Yike Bike is a New Zealand made electric-powered bike. With a single battery pack it runs for 15km, with a spare it can go 30km.


Motor-cycles of the Marshals who really did a good job this time ensuring that the designated road remain car free.

The reporters had a field day too: interviewing two of our esteemed biker buddies - Yong Sin, and Siew Yung with her dog Patchy.

When we were up in Penang, Winson had been a good host taking us for rides (... see The Magic Carpet Ride). Now it's our turn to host him and we will make sure he enjoy himself. After all the Car Free loop did not really stretch our riding legs, it's time to go for more!

(Photo Courtesy of SC Chin)
With Tailim, we took him down to one of our favourite cycling spots - the storm-drains of the Klang River.
Hah! This place is always car free and has lots of beautiful murals painted on its walls (... see more at Graffiti Street Art @ KL Storm Water Drains).

Getting hungry, we went over to the nearby Petaling Street for breakfast but the place was still closed for the Chinese New Year break. So instead we ended up further in the Pudu area for eats.

From there we proceeded to the Taman Dusun Bandar Bellamy. This is a nice park right in the heart of the city behind the Old Istana Negara

It's quite deserted as not many know of the place and as such makes it a nice place to ride and to take great photos too.

Next was the Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum in Sungei Besi...

Where we had some cheeky fun...

Tried our hands on a Piper plane...

and finished our visit with a memorable group photo.

From there we rode back down through Brickfields, and had a delicious Nasi Padang Lunch at Restoran Rose in Kampong Baru.

We ended our ride with some refreshing Cendol at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.

Thanks to the Datuk Bandar of KL and Tailim it has been a great and fun day.
Happy New Year to all my friends and readers.

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  1. Hi Jotaro, my name is Joyce Ng, editor of a Melbourne-based Malaysian community magazine. Very interesting photos you got for KL car free day. I am interested to publish a photo from your blog post about it in our magazine to share with the readers here. May I get your permission please? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon! I can be contacted via email atjoyce@jommagazine.com.au

    1. Hi Joyce,
      Sure no problem you can use the photo(s),
      Do let me know which issue these photo is published in so that I can have a look too.
      Out of curiosity, which particular photo will you be using?

    2. Hi Joyce,
      Is there an error in the email address that you sent me, does not seem to exist.