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Buying My 3rd Foldie

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Brompton 6-speed in Raw Lacquer
(Disclaimer - all prices mentioned are approximate prices and rounded up. For more accurate pricing please contact the relevant people. This blog is not a review, it's more on my adventure in purchasing my 3rd Foldie)

I am hooked on cycling!

After getting a first basic one, within two weeks I got my second foldie (see Buyng My 2nd Foldie), a Dahon Dash P18. AND now after another 7-months I am looking for a 3rd bicycle!

Dahon Dash P18 in Midnight Black
The Dash is a good perfromance bike. It has served me well, taking me to many places and interesting rides. But it's only disadvantage is that, as it's handle does not fold down, it doesn't fold compactly - giving it a folded profile height of 750mm.

Brompton 6-speed in Claret used on the Malacca bike-paking trip.
I am looking to expand my biking horizon, hoping to take my bicycle overseas to ride in different countries.
While on a bike-packing trip down to Malacca (see Peranakan Bike-packers), I noticed the Bromptons that the two girls were using. How easily and compactly they folded.
There I was lugging my Dash in it's carry bag while they were easily pushing their folded Bromptons around at the train station.
I have caught a new FEVER! I must get one of them Bromptons!

The Providence BP01
The deterrent of a Brompton is its price. Buying a basic model in Malaysia would cost MYR6,000 -7,000! But I like it's compactness.
I recalled a shop that I visited while hunting for my 2nd Foldie, FoldingBike2u - they had something that folds compactly too, the Providence BP01. It has a nice looking frame too.
And most importantly...

... it folds almost as compactly as a Brompton. Its list price price was MYR3300. Less than half that of the Brompton.
However a friend who had test rode one, found that on down slopes the handles seems wobbly. So I stuck with the Brompton.

I must detract here a little bit.
For those who are looking for recumbent bikes for touring, FoldingBike2u now have an extensive range of these for sale.
From Grasshoppers to Vortex to Steel Machines, etc., and even the Providence recumbent.

Tricycles recumbents.

And even recumbents with a baby seat - for the family who wants to stay together by biking together. FoldingBike2u is located at the new wing of Centrepoint Bandar Utama in Petaling Jaya.

Hot Pink Brompton with P-handles.
Ok. Back to my hunt for a Brompton.
Buying one in Malaysia will cost more. So what are the options?
Buy it in Britian! A basic model bought in London from Compton Cycles will cost around MYR4,000 (depending on the exchange rate) i.e. after deducting VAT and no Malaysian Tax imposed.
There is no Malaysian Tax for bringing in sports bicycles, but sadly foldies fall in a grey area. So whether Malaysian Duty is imposed on not depends on the custom officer for that day and how well you explain to him.

I have a brother who would be going over to London in six months time, perhaps I could order one over the net and he could bring it back for me.
Then over the Internet grapevine I heard that a hardly used two-month old Brompton was up for sale.
Popping over to the owner's place, I loved what I saw.
I had wanted to get an orange Brompton, but seeing this one in Raw Lacquer with it's gold colored welded joints change my mind. 
It looked rather masculine!

It was a six speed model with P-handles.

The seller threw in a Brompton C-bag plus two Brompton spare tubes. And he had only rode it twice, the tires certainly looked brand new.

But best of all it came with a classy looking leather seats...

from Brooks!

With all those included, I calculated that the asking price would be MYR600 more than if I were to get it from London, excluding VAT. Seems okay and I don't have to risk my brother arguing with a customs officer!

So now I am the new owner of a Brompton Bicycle.
Look out world! Here I come!

For configuration of Brompton Bicycle & Accessories: Brompton Custom Builder
Look at the colours of your Brompton: Brompton Colour Configuration
Brompton Owner's Manual: Brompton Owner's Manual.
Folding the Brompton: YouTube video of Brompton compact fold.

Dealers -
Central Region: 1. Pedalspot (03-7877 0450/03-0957 7707)
                       2. Vans Urban Bicycle Co. (03-7866 0311)
Northern Region : DWC Trading (04-2262 181)
East Malaysia : W.G. Enterprise (08-2238 239)

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  1. ... very interesting post !!! And if you ever want a free guided tour of the friend island down South, let me know :)

    Max @ Relak Riders

    1. Hi Lam,
      Thanks for reading my blogs. By island down south do you mean Singapore?
      I would love to ride with you all, where do you all normally ride?
      Do leave me a contact so that I will be able to contact you should I go down south.
      Thanks again.

      The AhPek Biker

  2. Hi.. just want to know, where can i fine and testing for this bike. I would like to created my folding bike club in my place. Its price are more expensive from another brand, but when i look and review this bike, its was very special.

    Thank you.
    Mohd Mazri

    1. Hi Mohd Mazri,

      You can try asking the following places:
      1. GW Cycle in Kota Kemuning. This is the FB Page:
      2. Vans Urban in SS1. Their FB Page:

      Could you do me a favour, Please follow my this AhPek Biker blogs by click "Join this site" at the top right hand corner of this blog. If you can ask your friends to follow too.
      I have two other blog pages Footsteps- Jotaro's Travel & Jotaro's. It will be good if you can join & follow these two sites too.
      You can access them by clicking on the tabs at the top.

      Terima Kasih

  3. Hi Sir,

    Good day to you.

    I was looking for a foldable compact bike when I stumble upon your blog. I'm impressed with the Brompton bike but the price is really killing me as I'm also looking for one for my wife.

    We are not heavy riders like you but we wish to have a simple yet reliable and compact bike - can be easily stored in the house. May I know if you know any 2nd hand Brompton owners who wish to let go of their bike?

    Thank you and have a Blessed Day!


  4. Hi Jude.
    Yes the Bromptons are not cheap when getting them in Malaysia.
    For 2nd hand ones try posting at:
    2. MY Brompton Commuter -

    By the way where do you stay? Knowing where you stay will assist me in advising you.

    If you need to chat more privately, PM me at my AhPek Biker Facebook Page.

  5. lucky u uncle.
    I wish to own a Brompton too. Maybe a used one. Any tips how to find one besides the two fb pages u mentioned earlier?

    1. Hi Noor,
      Perhaps you can check with Vans Urban or Pedalspot. They may have second hand ones.