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Vietnam Cycling Route Maps

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Below are maps of routes that we had cycled in Vietnam, while on a tour of the Mekong Delta starting from Ho Chi Minh City & also while on a family holiday in Hội An.
The maps are dynamically scroll-able and zoom. Click on relevant screen zoom rectangle (at the top right hand corner of each map) to go to the respective route map:

An Binh To Cai Be To My Tho Vietnam Cycling Route Map (56.37km)
Distance: 55.37 km.     |     Level: Medum
This route mainly goes on quite rural roads until the outskirts of My Tho where it merges to a four-lane highway. It is quite flat and includes a ferry ride from An Binh to the outskirts of Cai Be.

Exploring Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Walking Route Map (5.95km)
This is a walking tour of some of the places of interest in Ho Chi Minh including a couple of markets and some historical buildings.

Ho Chi Minh To My Tho Vietnam Cycling Route Map (75.14km)
Cycling Route: Saigon 237 Hotel (Hồ Chí Minh)>Tân Kiên>Bến Lức>Tân An>Chợ Gạo>Hotel Tấn Lộc 2 (Mỹ Tho).
Distance: 75.14 km.          |          Level: Medium
The route goes exit Ho Chi Minh on busy main roads and then partly onto local roads that run parallel to the Đường Võ Văn Kiệt Highway before cutting into quieter rural roads. At Bến Lức, just before the bridge over the Sông Vàm Cỏ Đông river it cuts back onto the main road leading to Mỹ Tho.

Hoi An Ancient Town Vietnam Cycling Route Map (7.19km)
Cycling Distance: 7.19 km.          |             Level: Very Easy
The route takes us from An Hoi islet across the Cau An Hoi Bridge and around Hoi An Ancient Town. It then continues out to the eastern suburbs with a short detour across the Hoang Dieu Bridge over  to Cam Nam Island before heading back along the Thu Bồn Riverside for lunch in town

Hoi An Ancient Town To Cam Thanh Vietnam Cycling Route Map (9.73km)
Cycling Distance: 9.73 km.          |             Level: Easy

The route is fairly flat and started off skirting the Thu Bon River, cutting a short stretch througn Hoi An Ancient Town and its outskirts before heading inland. Inwards were scenes of rural housing and padi fields This ride includes a short buffalo ride and also a ride in basket-boats along the Ho River.
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Cycling Around My Tho Vietnam Cycling Route Map (8.38km)
This is a short route to explore a bit of My Tho, with visits to a couple of markets and two temples. It goes along the Hoang Sa Road promenade along the Mekong before turning inwards onto the busier streets of the town.


My Tho To Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Cycling Route Map 
Total Distance: 74 km.     |     Level: Easy
Cycling Distance: 4 km.     |     Coach Ride: 70 km.

My Tho To Tra Vinh Vietnam Cycling Route Map (68.30km)
Distance: 68.30 km.      |      Level: Medium
The route goes mainly along quiet rural roads with two major bridge crossings (one over the tall Rạch Miễu Bridge) and many smaller bridges. About a third of the journey were on rough gravel roads and muddy tracks before a ferry crossing across the Cổ Chiên River just before entering Tra Vinh.


Phnom Penh To Ho Chi Min Cambodia-Vietnam Bus Route Map (241km)
Travel route map showing destinations enroute the bus journey from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh.
Travel Distance: 241 km.          |          Level: N.A.

Tra Vinh To Vinh Long Vietnam Cycling Route Map (68km)
The route is rather flat and hugs the Cổ Chiên River (Sông Cổ Chiên), it goes mainly along quiet rural roads with crossings over sluice gates at Lang The Dam and a ferry crossing over the Man Thít River (Sông Mân Thít) at the Phà Mân Thít Ferry Dock.
Distance: 68 km.      |      Level: Medium

Vinh Long To An Binh Vietnam Cycling Route Map (27.68km)
This route is fairly easy route of riding around Vĩnh Long & An Binh Island to get to know the places better, and also to hunt for an elusive nondescript ferry jetty.
Distance: 27.68 km.     |     Level: Easy
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