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Perak : Parit Buntar Fishing Villages 2014

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Perak : Parit Buntar Fishing Villages 2014
Kuala Lumpur-Parit Buntar-Kuala Sepetang-Taiping-Ipoh : 5th-7th September 2014
Medium Group Bike Packing : Kuala Lumpur>by train>Parit Buntar>Tanjung Piandang>Kuala Gula>by boat>Kuala Sangga>by boat>Kuala Sepetang>Taiping>by bus>Ipoh.

Map of the proposed route
KT Wong has organised a ride that will take a route through fishing villages in Perak, starting from Parit Buntar. Many of us were keen to join in, to see those villages with their colourful sceneries of boats, rivers and padi fields. What attracted me also is that it will be a multi-mode adventure that will include train rides, boat rides and a bus ride too; and all this with our bikes tagging along. We will be taking a train from Kuala Lumpur to Parit Buntar to kick off the ride. Somewhere in between we will be onto boats from Kuala Gula to Kuala Sangga to Kuala Sepetang, where we will stay a night. A chartered bus will take us from Taiping to Ipoh from there we will take a train back to Kuala Lumpur. Wow!... this will be interesting and educational. And this is truly a multi-mode bike-packing - train, cycling, bus.
Eventhough this ride will cover only three days; there were 19 of us, a fairly large group, so it was no easy task to be the organizer. Train tickets had to be purchased, boats and a bus had to be chartered; and accommodations at Kuala Sepetang had to be booked. On top of that, foodie places and interesting places to visit will have to be researched (Yes, we did visit more than just seeing the fishing villages). I must take my hat off to KT for planning and orchestrating this ride well, there were only a couple of minor glitches. KT blogs to see his blogs at The Great Outdoors.

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / AhPek Biker / Cycling Malaysia / Perak / Parit Buntar Fishing Villages 2014
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