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Sabah Malaysia Cycling Route Maps

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Sabah Malaysia Cycling Route Maps
Below are maps of routes that my cycling buddies & me cycled in Sabah. These were routes we cycled in Kota Kinabalu and to the Tip of Borneo. (... to view those rides click here to see Cycling Sabah).
Click on relevant screen zoom rectangle (at the top right hand corner of each map) to go to the respective route map:

Kota Kinabalu International Airport To Kota Kinabalu City   Cycling Sabah Route Map.
Distance: 10.75 km.     Level: Easy
It's a safer route along residential and rural road with only part way on highways.

Kota Kinabalu to Langkon Sabah Cycling Route Map
Cycling Distance : 123.12km     Level: Very Hard
The route was quite straight forward: ride out of Kota Kinabalu and use the highway/main roads to head towards Tuaran and Kota Belud; by passing both towns and then onwards to Langkon. This is a tough route with several difficult climbs.

As can be seen from above elevation chart, we faced five difficult climbs along the way.
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Langkon To The Tip Of Borneo Sabah Cycling Route Map
 Cycling route - Langkon>Matunggong>Sikuati>Kalumpunian Beach>Tip of Borneo>Tampat Do Aman.
Cycling Distance : 80.19km     Level: Hard
This is a route from Langkon to the Tip of Borneo, It passes by several interesting small towns along the way. There are some difficult climbs along the way with a very steep one just before the Tip.

There are less major climbs along the route, just two but the final one just before reaching ToB was very steep and looked very daunting. We had to steel our hearts to be psychologically prepared to surmount it.
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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / AhPek Biker Cycling Route Maps / Sabah Malaysia Cycling Route Maps
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