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Cycling Sarawak Gawai 2015 Day 5: Goodbye Sarawak!

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Cycling Sarawak Gawai 2015 Day 5: Goodbye Sarawak!
Kuching & Siburan : 3rd June 2015
Medium-sized Group Ride - Downtown Kuching.
Cycling & Distance Covered: Not tracked as casual ride.

The previous day we had met up with some local cyclists and had a quick tour of Kuching downtown with them. We then left to visit the Malaysia-China Friendship Park before later proceeding to Freda's place in Siburan for another Gawai feast.
Today would have been a free and easy day for us to individually do whatever we felt like doing in Kuching.... or so I thought!

7:00am - I woke up for a pee break and to my surprise the whole house was full of activity. "What's happening?" I asked amid all the cacophony. "We are heading out to Kuching town centre." "Aren't we suppose to have an easy day today?" I enquired. "Why waste time and the opportunity?" was the reply I got.
Well there's a certain logic there and I pulled my weary bones forcing myself to change. With time just to wash my face (no bathing and I hope I am not stinking!) and we were off cycling down to the ferry terminal and crossing the Sarawak River by boats, right into the town centre with our bikes in tow.

In town, we rode pass the iconic Cats Statue at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.
Kuching in Bahasa Malaysia means cat, and the city has many places tied in with cats.

Not expecting to ride today, Nash had already packed up his bike into boxes (ready for checking into the flight later); fortunately for him Simon's bike was still around. I must say that he did looked very at home cycling in his red outfit on the blue Java bike with plastic boxes at the front and rear carriers. He looked like he just went marketing somewhere.

We not only explored the streets of the town, but also went into the back lanes. It's at the out of beaten path that sometimes interesting spots can be found.

While the rest of our buddies went to the main street to have their breakfast; I accompanied Nash to Fauziah Cafe a couple of streets away to have some halal food. I had this Malay-style Sarawak Laksa, it was okay only; the one I had a few days earlier at the Demak Commerckial Centre was much better.

Okay, now it was time for some serious sight-seeing.... and shopping!
First on the list was the Tua Pek Kong Temple that sits conspicuously on a raised platform. It is the oldest Chinese temple in Kuching.

Besides being located in a prominent location, the temple has an excellent view of the Sarawak River. (... see more at Tua Pek Kong Kuching blog).

Shopping time, and where else to go than Main Baazar Road! Here there are many shops to cater for tourists... ok, should be touristy prices here but scouting around we were able to get some good bargains.

Some of us bought this tribal basket-weave basket to use as water-bottle containers. Quaint and convenient!

Other than the shops, the corridors in front were a place to find some good bargains too - many vendors had set up tables to sell the layered cakes that Sarawak is renown for. Sorry, no photos of the cakes as I was too busy bargaining and forgot to take photos.

Along the corridor was this man too, he does wood carving on drift wood and other hardwood.

12:15pm - We were at the food court at Carpenter Street opposite the Hiang Thian Siang Ti Temple, wanting to try out the famous Kuching Satay there. We were early (the satay stall only opens at 1:00pm) so we sat around until the stall opened. No we are not greedy pigs, just keen to try out the local specialities!

And.... this is the satay. It may not look as good as satay from other states, but it was certainly delicious nonetheless.

Back at our homestay, many were excited about the local purchases; exchanging notes and views with much "Ooooohs" and "Aaaaahs".

Sunset viewed from Kuching Airport.
Later in the evening we flew back to Kuala Lumpur.
Sarawak, you and your people has been most kind and warm to us.

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