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Kuala Lumpur : The Halloween Ride

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Kuala Lumpur : The Halloween Night Ride
Kuala Lumpur : 30th October 2013
Medium Group Ride : Dataran Merdeka>Royal Selangor Club Kiara Annexe>Bukit Tunku>Medan Pasar & then around Kuala Lumpur City
Distance Covered: Untracked
Time : 5:00 pm pm 10:10 pm

 And it's another excuse for a ride, but something different... it's time to ride in those scary or funny costumes.
There was a call for a sort of a critical mass ride, starting from Medan Pasar in Kuala Lumpur town. That ride will be a fun Halloween night ride around the old part of KL town.

But our itchy legs demanded for more... more than a fun ride. So a few of us met up hours earlier at Dataran Merdeka to ride up to the Royal Selangor Club Kiara Annexe and then back down again. To tax ourselves, our route will take us up to the slopes of the Bukit Tunku area.

From the Bukit Kiara we rode back down again. Stopping at a shopping complex at Damansara Heights it was time to have a trial run of our Halloween costumes before we meet up with the main group.

... a distraught female ghost and a .... er ... Nightshade?

We used our bicycle lights to bring out the eerie effects of our costume.

Anne and Rita were a pair of convincing female ghosts...

... while mine was not so convincing; a poor emulation of the "Ghost Rider"!

Riding in the night, we kept our fingers crossed; praying that the real ghosts won't come after us for our poor performance. There were a couple of jokes of some "additional" riders riding with us when we did a head count during our regrouping.... Hmmm... were there?

Down in Kuala Lumpur, we used the pedestrian bridges to ride safely over two major roads, Jalan Raja Laut and Chow Kit Road to get over to Maju Junction. It's an elaborate web of connected bridges that stretches over a fair distance, what can be better - to ride safely and have a view of the cars stuck in the traffic jam below (getting cynical, aren't we?).

But seriously, from these bridges one can have a peep of the city skyline, like this one of the Petronas Twin Towers.... oops! one of the twin tower, I mean.

The only down-side of riding here is that the stairs leading up does not have any ramp for us to push our bikes. So it's bike on our shoulders and some toting then.

Pit stop at Petaling Street. The place was gay as usual, with nice lanterns spanning above; too bad these were not Halloween lanterns. Seems like there is no Halloween celebration here, it's just business as usual.

Ahem.... time to feel our stomachs before we start our antics with the rest of the group. Dinner was at one of the stalls at Petaling Street that served pretty good Ipoh Hor Fun.

At Medan Pasar, the main group was gearing up for Halloween too!

And time for more costume fun; Yvonne in a Catwoman outfit.

An odd pair - an evil witch and a Mummy.

The Grim Reaper?

Hans in his Pirate costume; I must say that he looked like a cross between Casper the Happy Ghost and a pirate.

And time for a bit of War Paint!

"Ghosts, pirates, ghouls, imps, witches, mummies, waifs.... 

We took a short 10km ride around the city, having fun and looking odd - a bit out of place with the rest of the serious looking city folks.

Real fun here! Acting out an accident of riding into a wrongly positioned man-hole grating.


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