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Brompton Accessories #10 -Kamoya Jenny Suspension

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(This blog is not a review, it's more on my foray in purchasing accessories for my 3rd Foldie - a Raw Lacquer Brompton P6R)
While on a cycling trip in Japan recently (... see Cycling Japan 2013 blog), through a close friend I got the Kayoma Jenny Suspension for my Brompton. So what's the advantage of fixing one of this gizmos? Effeciency, beauty? For this refer to Outdoor Explorer's write up (... see OX write up) where there is an elaboration on this.

The Jenny Suspension is made in Japan and came in a zip-lock plastic wrapping. For shipping the whole package is further bubble wrapped.

When opened, the items were the main spring with a black internal tubing, two silicon O-rings with one having a metal capping. The O-Rings protect the two ends of the spring during movement. In a smaller plastic bag were the nuts and washer for installation.

The main stay of the suspension (as in most suspension systems) is the spring. The stiffness of the suspension depends on this spring (i.e. through thinner or thicker coils). The one that I got was HARD, i.e. to take a load of more than 70 kg, in the standard Brompton suspension this is called STIFF.

Into the spiral core of the spring is a tubing that prevents friction between the installation screw and the main spring.

The unit came with installation instructions, unfortunately it is written in Japanese. So one will have to figure out the installation sequence and method bye the diagrammatic photos shown, but it is always easier than shown.

I left it to the experts of Outdoor Xplorer (OX) team to carry out the installation. In capable hands, the installation was carried out quite fast.

The installed Kamoya Jenny Suspension, looking good and strong, matching my Brompton raw lacquer colour.

View of the suspension with the Brompton folded.

A row of Bromptons with the Kamoya Jenny Suspension installed.
How's the ride-bility? Personally, I found the suspension slightly stiffer than the regular Brompton STIFF suspension giving a better push when cycling on smooth roads. I have yet to try it out on real bumpy roads though.
For purchase and installation, try contacting OX Team, they could have some units left.
For those who will be visiting Japan, contact Kamoya Creations directly while there, they only ship within the country.
Kamoya Creations also have other Brompton accessories, click here to see.

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