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Penang : Cross Ferry Ride Pt.2

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Penang Cross Ferry Ride (Pt.2)
George Town to Pantai Bersih, Butterworth : 22nd June2013
Medium-sized Group Ride from George TownPenang Island>Penang Ferry>Butterworth Outer Ring Road (BORR)>Pantai Bersih, Butterworth & back.
Distance covered : 21.7 km. (excluding ferry rides)

Route Recommendations :
1. The George Town UNESCO Heritage Core Zone is a worthwhile place to visit with nice old buildings from the colonial era.
2. Don't miss the good food on the island and also at the Raja Uda area of Butterworth.
3. Please note that last Penang Ferry is at 0100hrs from the island and 0040 from the mainland.
4. Hold on to your bikes when the ferry berth, as the could be a sudden jolt.
5. The day traffic along the BORR is fairly light, but evening and night traffic can be heavy, so do right carefully. Same goes for Jalan Raja Uda.
6. Along the BORR  nearing Pantai Bersih  be on the alert for motorcyclists who have the habit of riding against the traffic.

You are at Part 1 of a two part blog, click below to view the other part :
- Penang Cross Ferry Ride Part 1


In Part 1, we had started our ride from the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce and had cyclo-toured the UNESCO Heritage Core Zone.

Finished with that interesting tour, viewing the older part of George Town and also the many street art, we had proceeded to the Penang Ferry Terminal; waiting to board the next ferry for Butterworth on the mainland. Our tale continues from here.


Penang Cross Ferry Ride Map  (click for Map Link)
Our ride route is : Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC)>UNESCO Heritage Core Zone>Ferry Ride>Butterworth Outer Ring Road (BORR)>Pantai Bersih>9 Emperor Gods Temple>Raja Uda & back.

We are all safely on board the ferry, and the loading ramp is being raised.
"Switch off your engines." somebody commented - this is the rule when inside the ferry, all engines have to be switched off.
Our bicycles having no engines, we did the next best thing - we switched off our rear warning lights and front flickering lights. There you are! Done!

The ferry that we are taking is called the Pulau Angsa (Goose Island). All the Penang ferries have a long standing tradition of being named after the islands of Malaysia.

It's going to be a twenty minute ride, so we might as well relax.

Robert & Larry doing some serious relaxing here.

Hey Nash! It's relax... not jump! This ride is not that tough!

We are halfway across the Penang North Channel, the sun has settled behind the Penang Island,skyline.

With a sudden lurch, the ferry berthed on the Butterworth terminal.
The cars have disembarked, seems like we have the whole ferry to ourselves. Wooohooo!

Land Ahoy!
And we eagerly rode up the disembarkation ramp onto solid ground.

Taking a short-cut to the Butterworth Bus Terminal, but ...

... it would have been good to ride up the regular way, up the ramps - there's such a nice bird's eye view from there.

An advantage of using the route we took is that it crossed the railway track that leads north to Thailand.
Hey! Watch out for that train!

Continuing on, we were soon riding along the BORR.

 This is a great place for cycling, there's an emergency lane where we could ride safely.

But nearing Pantai Bersih  we had to be on alert. Many motorcyclists take the easy way and ride against the traffic, I almost banged into this chap here.

Sunset view from Pantai Bersih.

Nash steals the bride again. Actually, the bride (in her red gown) was more interested in taking a photo with his red bike. So it was a trade off - "You take a photo with my bike, you take a photo with me!"

By the time we left Pantai Bersih it was dark and we had to cycle with more care.

At Jalan Raja Uda, we stopped at the 9 Emperor Gods Temple for a short visit. This place looks great at night...

(Photo by Sin)
... and also during the day time.

8:30 pm : It's way beyond dinner time. Stop for eats here then, the Raja Uda Hawker Food Court.

The Fried Oyster Omelet made by this man looks good, so good that we ordered three large plates to share among ourselves.

The Oh Chien (Fried Oyster Omelet) - it's fried with starch with spicy rempa added. YummY!

For myself, I had this Penang Hokkein Prawn Mee with Lor, added additional pig spare parts and munchy pig skin too.

And also this Fried Indian Noodles. Wow! I did eat a lot but then cycling does make one hungry.

Time to ride back to the ferry terminal.

9:30 pm : We are back at the Butterworth terminal.

Instead of us, queuing up individually to get the tickets from the booth, Larry went to the ferry office to get bulk tickets for us, and it came with a bonus - we get to board the ferry before the motorcyclists!
Conveniently, tickets needs to be purchased from the Butterworth side only; the fare for bicycles is RM1-40 for both ways.

Boarding the ferry before the motorcyclist was so much better, no jostling with them for space and accidentally knocking into them while riding or parking.

This time round we are taking the Pulau Payar.

With a sudden jerk, the ferry berthed on the island terminal. This time we were ready and held on to our bikes.
Vvvvrrooooommmm! Larry is getting ready to take off.

And we are back at the start/end point, this is the St. George's Angilican Church, next to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

It has been a good ride, a ride of seeing old buildings & street art, an experience of taking our bicycles onto the ferry, and good food on the Butterworth side.
Good fun with good friends - that is life worth living.

Tomorrow is the round island Where2Go cycling event (... see Where2Go - Stumbling Along, The Stragglers' Tale).
Tomorrow is going to be a tough ride day.
Adieu readers!

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