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Kuala Lumpur : Setiawangsa Bike Ride 04/08/2012

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Kuala Lumpur : Setiawangsa Ride
4th August 2012
Group Ride from Aeon AU2, Setiawangsa to Taman Titiwangsa & back.
Distance covered : 49.18 km.
Time Taken : approx. 3.5hrs.(riding time excluding stops)
Started : 0745hrs  Ended : 1230hrs

My friend Sin of hApPy HaPpY is always helpful in encouraging me to ride my bike. Of late he invited me to join this biking group called My Cyclist Friends. This group goes cycling fairly often. And their latest was the Setiawangsa Ride which covers approximately 40kms.

A couple of things prompted me to want to join this ride. Firstly, they seem like interesting people to know, and secondly, I have not ridden this longer distance yet. So it was a matter of making new friends and also testing myself.

But the ride is starting at 7:30am and I am more of a night owl, a midnight cowboy - doing work and things late at night. But most rides are in the morning, so I'll just have to push myself. With this in mind, I dunk a couple of beers to help me sleep earlier.

Ride Map  (click for Map Link)
The route was mapped out by Rivern, Fong, and Sin. They had planned well, avoiding major highways & heavy traffic; and included in a couple of eating spots & many good photos spots. It will take us up to the Klang Gates Dam, down to Kuala Lumpur's Taman Titiwangsa and back.

The Ride
I was expecting a drive of about 30mins to reach the meeting point, so the night before I packed my bike and gear into my car, and was ready and eager to go. Taking the fastest route via the DUKE highway, I was there within 25mins.

Meeting Point at Hawker Centre 
Our meeting place & start point was suppose to be at the Aeon mall & to park our cars there. But as one of our members rightfully pointed out at this early hour it wouldn't be open yet. So we met instead at he the hawker center just behind the mall.

Last minute preparations were made - checking tire pressure and ...

... applying sun-tan lotion.

Introductions and hellos were made with new friends, including this cat.

At Aeon Mall
We cycled over to the Aeon Mall entrance (our official start point) for a memorable group photo before kicking off. All of us happy and eager to ride.

And we were off, heading down Jalan Taman Setiawangsa heading under the underpass below the DUKE highway towards Jalan 1/56. As bikers, we were well aware of the dangers from other vehicles, took heed of the traffic laws, stopping at these traffic lights. Kookkeong acted as the sweeper, ensuring that we were safe in crossing junctions and changing lanes.

Riding from Setiawangsa through Wangsa Maju, up and down several slopes, work up our appetite. After all, some of us had just some Milo with oats prior to coming for the ride. And as Rivern mentioned, "Need to top up petrol for our body".  We soon made our stop at Restoran Wang Chuang in Wangsa Maju

Our parked bikes must have evoked the curiosity of passersby and onlookers. They must be wondering what this group of people (old men included) are doing with this funny looking bikes with small wheels.

The prospects of food brought smiles to our faces.

Sin was familiar with this place and recommended the Sarawak Hakka Mee, which most of us took. But me having some gassy problems opted for warm Wantan Mee soup, and was soon wolfing it down - I was one of those who just had Milo-oats prior.

Stomachs sated and bodies charged up, were were ready to move off again.

Riding along Wangsa Maju, we headed for our first destination.

Pedaling on, the roads becoming steeper, we headed for Taman Melawati.

View of the Klang Gates hills
We were heading into the kampong roads, our destination the Klanng Gates "limestone" hills were in sight. Many, including yours truly here, have the misconception that the hills are formed out of limestone. They are actually made out of quarts, and should thus be called the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge.

Riding along the kampong roads to avoid heavy traffic, en route to Jalan Kolam Air.

Heading up Jalan Kolam air, the hills were on our left, the weather was getting cooler and we could smell the freshness of nature.

The ride along the cooling road spurred us on and soon we reached our first destination, the Klang Gates Dam. Posing here for a "Thumbs Up!" photo.

On the way down, we spotted this spring and couldn't help but stop for another group pix.

We went down Jalan Taman Melawati,

rode beside and under a flyover of the Middle Ring Road 2, crossing over to the AU area of Wangsa Maju and passed by Taman Seri Rampai.
Our route was straddling the highways and avoiding the main roads, we went on residential streets to reach the Air Panas area. Skimming along a short stretch of Jalan Pahang, we suddenly turned into a very narrow alley, so narrow that we had to ride single file. Our planners really know the area.

But this narrow alley led us to the peripheral of the Titiwangsa area and a little further on we reach and rode along the side of Tasik Titiwangsa, heading for a small promontory - our second destination. At this look-out point almost at the center of the lake, we took a group photo.

Sin then led the way - down Jalan Kuantan and through Jalan Maran to a little place. A small coffee stall, hidden under shady trees, to reach it one have to cross a small pedestrian bridge.

We parked our bikes among the trees. This place, right almost next to the junction of two busy roads (Jalan Pahang & Jalan Tun Razak) is hidden from the traffic by the lush trees and undergrowth. Although it must be known by many, it seems like a secret little place - Sin's Secret Hole.

Taking a breather at Sin's Secret Hole
At this little make-shift looking place, most of us were soon having drinks and snacks. Not bad, eating and drinking in an almost jungle environment, right within Kuala Lumpur City.

Having recharge ourselves, we went back to Jalan Kuantan, turned into Jalan Tembeling, riding at the edge of the Titiwangsa park and admiring the scenic view. We made a small detour up to the golf club for another group photo, with the Petronas Twin Towers, the Kuala Lumpur Tower and other high-rises in the back-ground.

At Jalan Semarak
Leaving the golf course and via Jalan Fletcher we reached Jalan Tun Razak. We just rode a short stretch of this busy road before turning into Jalan Semarak, slowly leaving the city-scape behind us.

Passing through the Datuk Keramat area & Jalan Jelatek,  we reached Jalan Enggang and passed through this street market.

All to soon, we were back at the Wangsa Maju & Setiawangsa suburbs, nearing our finishing point.

Nash was feeling dehydrated, and I was developing pins & needles in my feet. So both of us took a short-cut through Jalan Taman Setiawangsa and went back to our finishing point. The rest continued on to Puncak Setiawangsa and took another group photo at the peak.

Back at the finishing point, we took a short break to rest our aching legs; whilst some checked to see how much they have lost from their waist-line. Our track of the ride showed that the distance covered was close to 50km, i.e. 10km more than estimated.

Till the next ride then, Adieu!


Acknowledgements - Some of the photos are courtesy of Rivern, Kookkeong & Sin
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  1. Well done Joe, well documented and keep it up. See you again soon in the next ride.

    1. Sorry Sin, didn't see your comment till now.
      Thanks brother for all the encouragement.

  2. Well done! Now I know exactly where I've been riding. See you this Sat @ Gombak.