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Selangor : Scenic Sekinchan Day 2

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Selangor : Scenic Sekinchan - Day 2
Cyclists in the padi fields of Tanjong Karang.
Sekinchan to Sungai Buloh : 20th April 2013
Small Group Ride - 
Distance covered : approx. 76.71 km.
Time : 9:00 am - 3:45pm
Time Taken : approx. 6 hrs. 45 mins. (including stops for breakfast, lunch, photo shoots, rest from heat, etc.)

Route Recommendations :
1. The Sekin Fisherman Village Resort & Hotel is a nicely landscape and cozy place to stay in.
2. It will be good to start early in order to avoid the afternoon sun.
3. The padi fields near Tanjong Karang is a worthwhile place to stop for photos.

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Beautiful sunset at Sekinchan Beach
The previous day we had rode from Sungei Buloh and stayed overnight at the Sekin Fisherman Village Resort & Hotel (see Day 1 (Pt.1) & Day 1 (Pt.2) of our Sekinchan adventure).
We did some kite flying, enjoyed the beautiful sunset, and had goode seafood at Sekinchan  Today, we ride back with a heavy heart of leaving the place.

THE RIDE - Day 2

Scenic Sekinchan Ride Day 2 Route Map : Sekinchan>Kuala Selangor>Sg. Buloh (click for Map Link)
Our ride back will be faster as we will be hitting the unshaded stretch of road from Sekinchan to Kuala Selangor in the morning, so there will be less stops to get away from the heat. Other than a quick photo shoot at the padi fields in Tanjong Karang, we will stop at McDonald's in Kuala Selangor for snacks and then at hte Sun-Star Restaurant for lunch.
Looks like a simple ride? Yes, but still it was interesting in other ways.

The day started with a little hiccup, but an educational one.
Siew Yung's Claret Brompton had developed a leak in one of its rear tire. Fortunately, Felix & Oon were familiar with handling this.
Removing the rear wheel of the Brompton for puncture repairs is not a simple exercise when compared to other lever lock rear wheels like Kwan's bike. The rear derailer has do be removed together with the delimiter. So this was a learning excercise for me, and I watched the two veterans in action closely.

8:00 am - Siew Yung's rear tube was replace in less than half an hour, after which we took a short ride to Restaurant Tai Huat, a coffee shop in Sekinchan town for breakfast.

Most of us had dry-style wantan noodles with barbecued pork and deep-fried wantans.

Others had extra chicken feet added.
Many of you may say "ughhh", but those who are familiar with eastern cooking will know that this is a delicacy, the chicken feet are deep fried and then stewed. The flavor of the stew seeps well into the skin of the chicken.

9:00 am - We headed of, leaving Sekinchan town. Even though it is mid-morning Uncle Bil had fully covered himself again as protection from the sun. Only his fingers are exposed!

In a little while we were on the main road, riding out of the Sabak Bernam District of which Sekinchan is in.

The bright green padi fields beckoned and tempt us. So we rode a short distance in and took a few photos.

It has started to get hot again, so most of us started covering up.

We are now into the District of Kuala Selangor.

9:35 am - In this mostly unshaded road, we hit a shady spot and stopped for a first short break. Most of us did anyway, Siew Yung decided to ride on as she was riding at her own slower pace. Riding at your own pace is the right thing to do, there is no point in keeping pace with the faster riders.
Dang! The heat is affecting my cameras again!

9:40 - Entering Tanjong Karang. We are riding at a good pace, covering the 15 km. within forty minutes.

AhPek Biker At the Cendol Shop
Our group has now split up into three smaller groups. The faster riders - Felix, Suit and Oon were ahead. Kwan and me somewhere in the middle. Uncle Bil (the sweeper), Siew Yung, Julie and Alex were bringing up the rear.
Kwan and me decided to stop at the cendol place for some desserts while waiting for the smaller group, they saw us but decided not to stop and just rode on ahead to make up for time.

Riding on the bridge over the Selangor River again.

10:45 am - We are at McDonald's  in Kuala Selangor, our first real rest and regroup point. We are making good time, but a major part of our ride is still ahead.

Our parked bikes - out of nine of us, six were riding Bromptons which are very suitable for touring. But we will be outshone by another rider later on.

Coincidentally, our seating arrangement here were like our riding positions. The faster riders -  Felix, SuiT & Oon - together.

Julie and Alex together.

Kwan & me together - that's me wolfing down a McDonald's  Vanilla Milk Shake.

And Uncle Bil, our sweeper - by himself enjoying his hash browns.

11:20 am - After a half-an-hour stop at McDonald's we rode off again. We are heading for the winding and hilly roads that will lead us back to Sungai Buloh.

Riding pass this Indian temple, we noticed that many cars were parked nearby. It was the South Indian New Year, and many have come to offer their prayers for a good year ahead.

So many came to offer their prayers that they was a traffic jam, volunteers had to be deployed to manage the traffic.

Suit, looking like a roadrunner, riding fast on the Dahon Dash P18.
Suit is now leading the pack. She's setting a fast, scorching pace for us. Up & down slopes, turning round bends on the Dahon Dash P18 seems so easy for her. Felix, Oon, Kwan & me were having a hard time catching up with her; the rest just rode on at their own pace.

Here we are, the five of us - leading pack, resting in the shade below a Guthrie Corridor overpass. Is Felix bowing to SuiT for her faster than him pace?
No. According to Felix, he was venting exhaust!?!!

12:20 pm - Just 25 km. from Sungai Buloh. But the skies are getting dark, best we hurry.

Toilet relief at a Petronas petrol station and a break from the sun.

We are now into the hilly area before Sungai Buloh, riding the slopes and bends. Felix is now back leading the pack. But from the look of it, it won't be for long as SuiT is closely pacing him.

1:20 pm - Just 15 km. from Sungai Buloh. Our roadrunner, SuiT, has overtaken Felix and is now leading us. Felix, Oon, Kwan and me furiously pedaling hard to keep pace with her.

The five of us having proceeded fast, have now stopped to wait for the others to re-group; we will be having lunch soon.

1:40 pm - We are back at the Sun-Star Restaurant, but this time for lunch and not breakfast.

Most of us will be having white rice with the wide range of curries available.

With lunch finished, we took to pushing our bicycles across Jalan Kuala Selangor. At this time the traffic is rather heavy.

Kwan posing a "We want your vote!" sign in front of some political banners.

A last regroup before we reach our finishing point. This is one photo that I will treasure, our pose is candid and just right.

Oops! An error just at the end of our ride; we went up the wrong flyover and had to push our bikes as we were heading against traffic. Felix & Uncle Bil will be turning left towards the Sungai Buloh KTM Station, while SuiT is heading straight for the Sungai Buloh Hospital. The rest of the gang took the right turn off.

3:45 pm - We are back at the Sungai Buloh Hospital, packing our bikes to go home.
It has been a great ride and, barring the two punctures, we are all back safe and sound.
God Bless.

Many thanks to the Outdoor Xplorer team for organizing this good ride.

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