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Selangor : Scenic Sekinchan Day 1 (Pt.1)

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Selangor : Scenic Sekinchan - Day 1 (Pt.1)
Sungai Buloh to Sekinchan : 20th April 2013
Small Group Ride - 
Distance covered : approx. 76.71 km.
Time : 7:45 am - 5:25 pm
Time Taken : approx. 8 hrs. 40 mins. (including stops for breakfast, lunch, photo shoots, rest from heat, etc.)

Route Recommendations :
1. The weather does get very hot from noon to 4 pm. Do stock up with additional water to fight off dehydration.
2. The pandan coconuts are refreshing and very sweet.
3. Seafood at the Jeti Seafood Restaurant at Pasir PenambangKuala Selangor is cheap & really good.
4. The Durian Chendol is ok only, try it for the sake of trying.
5. Sekin Fisherman Village Resort & Hotel is well landscaped with comfortable rooms; do stay there even if you don't cycle there.
6. Don't miss the beautiful sunset at Sekinchan beach.
7. Seafood at Wan Lau Restaurant in Sekinchan is also Cheap & Good.

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It was most fortunate when I was invited to join the Outdoor Xplorer (OX) team for a bike-packing ride to Sekinchan. A close riding buddy of mine had requested for them to include me in their ride.
It was indeed a good ride with a group of friendly, joyful people for company. It was also a ride that pushed my biking endurance.

Bikers at the Metropolitan Park - flying kites as part of bike ride.
The previous weekend some other friends & I were cycling at the Kepong Metropolitan Park. We also did some kite flying there. So Uncle Bil suggested flying kites at Sekinchan too. Now that's an idea!

We will be meeting at the Sungai Buloh LRT Station. Some of us would be driving there with our folded bikes, but there were concerns about parking there as the place can be quite dodgy - especially for parking overnight.
So a couple of days prior, I drove and did a recce there.
Goodness, I saw a few cars with all four tires punctured by vandals at the car-park. We will definitely not be parking at the station.
Fortunately, about 1.5 km. away is the Sungai Buloh Hospital with a very large car-park and guarded too! So we will be parking here and ride over to the train station. Uncle Bil and Felix will be taking the train from Sentral to meet us at the Sungai Buloh station.

THE RIDE - Day 1 (Pt.1)

Scenic Sekinchan Ride Day 1 Route Map : Sg. Buloh>Kuala Selangor>Sekinchan (click for Map Link)
Our route will take us from the Sungai Buloh KTM Station to Kuala Selangor for lunch, a little further ahead for Durian Chendol and finally to the Sekin Fisherman Village Resort & Hotel, where we will spend the night.

7:45 am - We rode off from the station. There were nine of us; Felix will be leading and Uncle Bil will sweep, while Oon will marshal in between the riders.

Due to the heavy traffic along Jalan Kuala Selangor (the road leading from Sg. Buloh to Kuala Selangor) we were firmly instructed to ride single file.

We rode up an interchange that goes over the Guthrie Highway, we will be heading straight onwards but will pass by this highway that will intersect our route several times.

8:40 am - The first part of our ride was at a leisure pace to warm us up. It took as close to an hour to cover the 12 km. to our first destination, the Sun Star Restaurant where we will be having breakfast.

Most of us had Roti Chanai while others had Nasi Lemak.

Uncle Bil was in a jovial mood - getting to ride is one of his passions in life, and getting to eat while riding makes it even sweeter. And to add to this a pretty Siew Yung sitting next to him.

Finished with breakfast, we started off again. Anticipating a hot weather, some of us started covering up with baklavas, arm sleeves, etc.
Alex looking very cool here with his shades on.

Upon Kwan's request, we stopped at the nearest Petronas petrol station.
Here, it can be seen how well covered up we are - Uncle Bil's one almost like a scarf and the SuiT's (in red) one totally covering her face.

Kwan's quandary - he forgot his sun-glasses and got new ones from the petrol station. Here he is with his new pair of sexy white shades that went well with his blue helmet and scarf.
He does look like the character from the "Invisible Man".

9:30 am - We are 14 km. from the Ijok. That's where we will turn off from the main road into the quieter rural roads.

We stopped for a short rest, but after a while the Felix was pointing ahead "Time to move on!"
Okay, what the leaders says we minions follow. Actually there is a reason for that, earlier riding means less hot.

Further down, there is an Indian temple. It's not very large but as far as I can recall, it has been around for ages.

10:15 am - Reached Taman Ijok Utama. This is a newer part of the original small town which is still a few kilometers ahead.

We are 10 km. from Kuala Selangor, ahead is the right junction to the Kampong Kuantan Firefly Sanctuary. The weather is getting hotter but still manageable.

A few clicks ahead, we made a right turn into Jalan Teluk Piah Kanan, a quiet rural road. We are avoiding the busy Klang-Kuala Selangor main road as much as possible. 

12:00 noon - On the bridge over the Selangor River. The weather is getting hotter, the heatwave is even blurring the photos. But there will be relief for us just slightly ahead.

Just after the bridge we turned off into Pasir Penambang. At that junction, relief was waiting for us in the form of refreshing Pandan Coconuts, and they were sweet too.

Further down the road, we stopped at the Jeti Seafood Restuarant for lunch.

It is a restaurant that sits on stilts and projects out onto the Selangor River.

Situated at the mouth of the Selangor River, with the sea breeze bowing in, it has a right ambiance for a seafood restuarant.

Here's my Brompton bike, with a kite rolled up & tied to it's main frame. Sitting at the edge of a pier, it seems to be floating on the river.

Well, what about the food then?
First came the Seafood Broth; cooked with large prawns and crabs. The prawns & crabs were lightly roasted first before being used to cook the broth - making the broth have that lingering burnt seafood flavor.
Mmmmm..... YummY!

Next came a large plate of Fried Beehoon, stir-fried with chicken and clam meat.
The English Man had ordered the heavier course first, which was a good thing as we were starving after burning calories.

Then came the Spicy Stir-fried Mantis Prawns, spicy with a zing to zap us out of any tiredness.

Stir Fried Baby Chinese Cabbage. Like the seafood, the vegetables served here were fresh, crispy fresh!
Yes! Two vegetables for a balance diet to ensure we stay healthy for our ride.

And lastly, Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves.
The food here is cheap & good - at RM15-00 per pax (and that included the earlier Pandan Coconuts!). The Englishman sure knows the nooks and crannies.
(... see more)

A happy lot after having a good meal, we are ready to proceed on to the next stage of our adventure.
What lies ahead? Read Scenic Sekincan Day 1 (Pt.2) to find out!

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