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Selangor : Tanjong Sepat Treks Day 2

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Selangor : Tanjong Sepat Treks Day 2
: A Bike-Packing Adventure
Day 2 - Tanjong Sepat to Bagan Lalang : 9th August 2013
Small Group Ride - Tanjong Sepat>Bagan Lalang>Sungai Pelek & back.
Cycling Distance Covered : 54.41 km. (From Tg Sepat to Bagan Lalang & Sungai Pelek; excl. night ride in Tg Sepat).
Time : 9:40 am - 4:10 pm
Time Taken : approx. 5 hrs. 30 mins. (including stops for breakfast, lunch, rest, photo shoots, etc.)

Route Recommendations :
1. Expect cross-winds along the coastal road to & fro Tanjong Sepat to Bagan Lalang.
2. The coastal roads afford little shade, so do cover up to avoid sunburn.
3. The beaches at Bagan Lalang are quite scenic, especially during high tide.
4. At low tide, the water-line here goes up till about 500 metres from the shore and the water comes in quite fast as high tide approaches. So if you don't swim well, don't go out to far lest you be caught by the sudden incoming water.

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The previous day, riding from USJ to Tanjong Sepat (... see Tanjong Sepat Treks Day 1) had been fruitful; we managed to harvest some durians along the way for a feast later ...

... and also enjoyed some freshly plucked coconut, full of invigorating coconut water and soft, slurpy meat!

Early in the morning Robert & Ian, two good friends, have driven all the way KL/PJ. They brought their bicycles along too so that they could join us for today's ride. We cyclists are avidly passionate about cycling. Others may call us crazy, but they don't know what they are missing!

THE RIDE - Day 2 (Tanjong Sepat to Bagan Lalang)

Tanjong Sepat to Bagan Lalang Ride Map (click for Map Link)
Ride Route : Tanjong Sepat>Bagan Lalang>Sungai Pelek & back.
This is a quick day ride from Tanjong Sepat to Bagan Lalang to smell/view the sea a bit, then onwards to Sungai Pelek for lunch.

Goooood Morning!
The skies are blue and tinged with a bit of rain clouds, just the perfect day to ride.

(Photo by Chris)
A happy Kellie jumping with joy agrees full-heartedly.
Whooopeee! It's time to ride!

(Photo by Robert)
And happy are the others too, wide smiles as we posed for a group photo at the beach.

A group photo beautifully taken by Robert, and we are ready to roll off.

(Photo by Robert)
First thing first - breakfast at a nearby coffee-shop, all of us still fresh and still all smiles.

I had noodles soup and this half-boiled eggs
- just nicely done and beautifully presented.

and.. oh... some of us bought lottery tickets.
Hopefully one of us do strike, then it will be a feast treat for us and definitely a new bicycle!

We are off on the real ride, cycling along the main coastal road heading for Bagan Lalang.

Robert, the avid photographer, was fantastic. He lugged his DSLR camera together with zoom lens all the way. Many of the nice photos here were taken by him and Ian.

Along the way, several rest stops.
The coastal winds gets pretty strong, it seems to be blowing right against us, taxing us.

The route down had very few trees that afforded us shade, but the cool blowing wind soothed us.

Time for some refreshment - coconut water at a way-by kampong stall.

12:15 pm - My bike with the Bagan Lalang beach & sea in the background. It was low-tide and the water-line was rather far away from the sandy beach - about 300-500 meter away.
This is the danger of beaches here, and also in Tanjong Sepat & Port Dickson. The faraway water line makes the strolling in the wet sand to reach it so inviting. But when high-time comes, the water swamps in faster than a person can walk in; there has been many a cases of non-swimmers drowning because they could not outrun the incoming water rush.

As lunch time was approaching we couldn't linger around the beach area for long. The girls were attracted to the stalls selling colorful toys, Shereen got this colorful toy windmill and attached it to her bike.

Our beach sojourn over, we rode off heading for Sungai Pelek ten kilometers away. Lunch is awaiting us.

1:10 pm - Reached Sungai Pelek Restaurant where we will be having our lunch.

How's the food here? Let's see...
Among the dishes we had was this Claypot Stewed Tofu With Mushrooms.

The stir-fried pork in dark soy sauce went well with the "Man-Tau" steamed buns.

(Photo by Robert)
Either we were very hungry or the food was very good - Andrew seriously reaching out for the food and Sheeren looking on earnestly - "Hey! Leave some for me!"

You have heard of line dancing, but have you heard about LINE MASSAGING?
That's us massaging each others back, after which we turned around and massaged the other way round.
Ouch!! but wasn't that good!

Exploring the town after lunch, we came upon this residential house turned shop that sels "Pau" steamed buns and also buns baked in a large earthen pot. From the long queue, the buns must be very good.

Riding back to Tanjong Sepat we were hoping that the morning headwind would become a tail wind as we are riding the other direction. But then it was fat hopes as the wind decided to change and to blow from the opposite direction - so more puffing while cycling against the wind.
Our wind-challenged ride back would have been quite uneventful until ...

... we happened on a rambutan orchard and were soon plucking away, harvesting the fruits.

It has turned out to be a fruitful ride after all.
Sweet.... so sweet were the rambutans.

(Photo by Robert)
Closer to Tanjong Sepat, the waves had started rolling in, making the mangrove swap rather picturesque beckoning us to stop, to admire and take photos.

Back in Tanjong Sepat, it was tea-time for us at one of the drinks stall in town. Tea was the pau we bought in Sungai Pelek (Yup! Crystal carried them all the way back) together with ice kacang.

... and also this nice colorful watermelon smoothie.

(Photo by Robert)
What's coming to Tanjong Sepat without viewing the sunset here, so it was off to the Lover's Bridge, a nice place to watch the sun set.
We were there at just after 6 pm and the sun sets at 7 pm, so while trading bike talk and jokes, we waited... and waited ...

It's coming ...

Yes .... it's really coming.

Beautifully worth the wait.

After a quick bath and feeling refreshed, we cycled out again for dinner at a place recommended by Chief Sam Cheong of the Malaysian Foldies Group and the Samosaurus Chronicles.
It is a simple road-side place selling good char keow teow. Greedy me wolfed down two plates of fried keow teow mee topped with an extra egg.

There was no karaoke for us again tonight; but we did something even better -
we celebrated Chris's birthday.
No cake? Well, a muffin and a fish-cake will do.

Er.... no candles? Then a bicycle torch will suffice.
Puff! Click..... Happy Birthday Chris!

It has been a great day.
One of picturesque beaches.
One of a fruitful harvest.
One of surrealistic mangrove swamps.
And one of a make-do birthday party.

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